Why buy an Electronic Liquid Cigarette?

Vapor cloudSmoking is a trend that began as any other trend, everyone thought it was cool. But as the years have passed people have begun to see the health related effects of tobacco and many places have stopped allowing people to smoke in and around their buildings.

Smoking tobacco is becoming a less attractive habit as the years pass by. To make up for the lack of sex appeal that cigarettes have, many people have transitioned over to electronic cigarettes (E-Cigarettes). The development of E-Cigarettes began in China in 2007. In the beginning many people could get tobacco and e-cigarettes confused because they looked so similar.

These new e-cigarettes are sweeping sales when compared to regular tobacco cigarettes leaving people wondering “why buy an electronic liquid cigarette?” There are many reasons to buy one, whether you base it off of taste, smell, or environmental safety as there are many more benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes over regular tobacco cigarettes.

Why Buy An Electronic Liquid Cigarette

Tobacco cigarettes contain a risk of not only health issues, but also of burning things. When you light a regular cigarette you have to worry about dusting off ash and it catching something on fire, or disposing of your cigarette in a trash can that has paper in it. But not with Electronic Liquid Cigarettes, you have no matches or lighters to use because the E-Cigarettes are powered by a lithium battery.

This also makes it possible to have custom colored lights. And if that isn’t enough, you don’t have to worry about the smell of tobacco, or the smell of anything fowl for that matter because the E-Cigarettes run off of nicotine and that’s it.

You can customize your flavor so you taste something better than tobacco smoke like a regular cigarette. Imagine having Menthol flavor? How cool is that?

“Why buy an electronic liquid cigarette?” Why not? Not only do you not have to worry about burning a place down, you’re also saving yourself the initial health risks that are associated with a regular cigarette.

Check these health benefits of electronic cigarettes and you will see why it so much better than regular ones. If that isn’t enough, you also don’t have to worry about buying a new electronic cigarette as you finish the vapor. You can simply take good care of your E-Cigarette and then buy refills of your vapor instead of having to buy a new pack of cigarettes.

Depending on the frequency of your use of smoking, majority of people who use E-Cigarettes and buy their liquid in bulk, rather than one flavor at a time, are saving money by their switch because they are not dishing out cash for multiple packs of cigarettes a week.

So when your friends ask: “Why buy an electronic cigarette?”, be sure to tell them that not only are you saving money, but you’re taking a proactive approach to your health by switching to something that has less risk on your body over time.

Not only that, but you can customize your pen, the color of your light, as well as the flavor that you put into your pen to make smoking more enjoyable.

Lastly, you’ll have more freedom to smoke inside as the vapor does not send off any tobacco related emissions that people would see as unfit for inside use.

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