Which is the best electronic cigarette?

When looking for the answer to which is the best electronic cigarette, you must realize that it is a personal decision and choice. There are many different options that make vaping a personal experience and no one can tell you which e cig is the one that will satisfy your nicotine craving or will give you the experience you desire.

There are an array of options, which it comes to the best electronic cigarette including rechargeable e cigs, disposable electronic cigarettes, e-go e-cigs, personal vaporizers, and electronic cigars.

Rechargeable e-cigs

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes normally come in kits so you receive all the supplies you need to get started. The best electronic cigarette in this group should ensure you have all the items you need to experience vaping with an electronic cigarette. In most cases, companies offer starter kits that are perfect for those that want to try before going head first into vaping. In these starter kits, you will receive a standard white automatic battery, 6 flavor cartridges, and a charger for the most basic kit. Beginner kits allow you to try the brand as well as the ecig so you can decide if this one is right for you. From the basic kit, you will also be able to purchase larger kits once you find the best electronic cigarette that satisfies you.

Disposable electronic cigarettes

Disposable e-cigs are often the first step for anyone wanting to learn what it is like to vape. To learn if one brand over another is the best electronic cigarette for you, it is always a great idea to try their disposable e-cigs. This way you use the e-cig until the cartridge is empty and then throw it away. Some people prefer disposable ones over rechargeable as they are actually more like a real cigarette in that you do not have to recharge. On the other hand, in the long run it will be less expensive to purchase a kit once you realize which brand you prefer.

e-Go electronic cigarettes

e-go cigarettes offer different options for you to try so you can find the best electronic cigarette. Kits available for this group offer an atomizer, clearomizer, cartomizer, and tankomizers according to your personal choices. Cartomizers are like cartridges that can be thrown away after use whereas tankomizers offer a tank that you can fill with your favorite liquid instead of tossing away when the cartridge is empty.

Personal vaporizers

This group are unique but are often used by those that are experienced vaping as you have more control as well as more vapor. The sizes of the mods or PV’s are normally much larger than your regular e-cig and provide a powerful vapor that many truly enjoy.

Electronic Cigars

Of course, we have to include the e-cigar for those that truly love the taste of a cigar but do not want the harmful chemicals found in tobacco.

Everyone one of the above electronic cigarettes offers a kit so you can make a decision on your own which is the best electronic cigarette for your own personal taste and experience.

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