Ways to use electronic cigarette with e liquid

It is official, electronic cigarettes are no longer underdog devices, they’re pushing mainstream and pushing hard. To do this, many variants have emerged, targeting preferences that characterize various segments of the population. Central to these variants, however, is the liquid more accurately referred to as the electronic liquid or e liquid.

The relationship between the electronic cigarette and the e liquid is epic, making the use of electronic cigarette with e liquid of utmost importance to an e-cig user. Electronic cigarettes are usually refillable, although disposable types exist that seek to replicate the conventional style of usage of traditional cigarettes.

To use the electronic cigarette with e liquid, you need to understand why most e-cigs are made to be refillable. Electronic cigarettes are made to be refillable because the source of the vapor produced during use is the liquid. The liquid is housed in the cartridge, heated in the atomizer and the vapor produced passed on to the user.

Thus, when e-cigs are made to be refillable, they are made to have cartridges that can be replaced or can be refilled with e-liquid when their store is depleted. The following ways to use electronic cigarette with e liquid highlights how to change cartridges that exhausted, replenish cartridges that are short, and tips to getting better value off your e liquid.

How to replace an electronic cigarette cartridge

There are many filled cartridges available and make for an easy way to enable new e-cig users to continue their use of electronic cigarettes. Cartridges are not like USB plugs that would work with most mobile devices irrespective of the manufacturer. Cartridges are more specific and usually the manufacturer of the e-cig is also the only manufacturer of compatible e-cig cartridges.

Methods of replacing e-cig cartridges differ among e-cigs and can go from simple un-clipping or un-screwing to good old use of a screwdriver. All the same, it’s nothing the few directions in the accompanying manual won’t help you carry out in no time.

How to replenish an electronic cigarette cartridge

This is the far more popular option. E-cig users don’t remain new forever, and sooner or later the savings from replenishing an e-cig cartridge instead of getting disposable cartridges makes economic sense.

Two methods are generally used when replenishing e-cig cartridges:

• Drip method

The method’s epithet gives a clue as to how the method works. You’d need a dripper and a quantifiable amount of e-liquid. The cartridge has to be opened up, in a way symmetrical to the configuration of the e-cig. Usually a foam-like material, will cover the opening of the cartridge and needs to be excised.

A few drops of e-liquid are placed into the cartridge using the dripper, then a few more on the cover material to be placed over the opening, before the cartridge is closed.

• Injection method

This is the favorite method of replenishing e liquid in cartridges, for two reasons: It allows an even application over the cartridge filler and allows for an easier way to transfer e liquid from its container to the cartridge.

The dripper is replaced with either a syringe or an injector to carry out this method. The methods share procedures with a few twists. The e liquid containing syringe is inserted into the cartridge filler till its tip is a tad away from the base. The e liquid is then offloaded while moving the needle slightly about to ensure even filling. Also, take care not to damage the atomizer in e-cigs with a cartomizer component.

Tips and tricks to get more value from your e liquid

One of the most elegant ways to make effective use of your electronic cigarette with e liquid is to get more value off your e liquid. The list following will set you up on what you should know.

• Be discrete about the volume of nicotine in the e liquid. High nicotine content connects with intense vapor, so keep it to a comfortable level. Going too low is not an option either as it ruins your experience. Why this matters is for economic reasons and to make astute spends.

• Take extended steady puffs as against short rapid puffs to get the most vapor volume. Doing the former leads to a more saturated atomizer that defeats the goal of optimal vapor production.

• If you are comfortable with making a custom e liquid then be aware of the properties of principal solvents, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). VG is the thicker of the two and has taste as well, valuable considerations when calculating volume amounts. Making use of both of them in an e liquid solution sounds complicated but is used more often than one would want to believe to complement their limitations.

• Refilling a draped down cartridge becomes a necessity over time. However, over- and under-filling have their downturns that should be avoided. Manufacturer instructions are there to help out when in doubt.

• The last tip shifts oars from the cartridge and its content to the atomizer. Ensuring that it functions optimally is of prime importance to getting the best value from your e liquid. This involves keeping it moist and cleaning it regularly.

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