VIP electronic cigarette review

If you are in search of different electronic cigarette reviews to help you make a decision if you are ready to switch from real cigarettes, you will want to check out our VIP electronic cigarette review.

VIP offers a good selection of starter kits, which is very refreshing with both cartomizer and e-liquid kits.

Cartomizer kits

The cartomizer kits include the standard, the commuter, executive, platinum, and the bundle kit in both tobacco and menthol. The standard kit is perfect for the beginner offer a blue tipped rechargeable battery, USB charger, 2 cartomizer refills which is evaluate to around 80 cigarettes. Each kit offers the same with added bonuses such as with the platinum, which provides you with a hard cigarette case and a UK 3 pin wall adapter and car adapter as well as enough refills to compare to 680 cigarettes.

E-liquid kits

The kits offered that can be refilled include the photon express and the photon super tank. With the express kit, you will receive 1 stainless steel 1100mAh photon battery, 2 clearomizers and a USB charger with overcharge protection built in.


What would a VIP electronic cigarette review be if we did not mention the e-liquids?

VIP offers 30ml and 10ml e-liquid. The 30ml do not offer as many flavor options with only USA tobacco, Virginia Rolling, British Gold, Triple Menthol, and RY4 X-Smooth. On the other hand, the 10ml liquid comes in a variety of flavors including traditional tobacco flavors like mentioned above as well as Havana. Other flavors include fruit, beverages, and sweet and savory like chocolate, mango, candyfloss, and cappuccino to name a few.

Vaping Experience

Many users truly love the amount of vapor and the draw that was smooth and easy. The flavors are above average and provide enough variety that most vapors will be able to enjoy their favorite flavor. One of the most important benefits that are found in a VIP electronic cigarette review was the option of choosing the amount of nicotine you would be receiving while vaping. VIP electronic cigarettes offer 24mg, which is strong for those that are accustomed to smoking 15 or more cigarettes per day, 16mg being regular for those that smoke 10 to 15 cigarettes per day, and 11mg for mild smokers that smoke 10 or less per day. They even offer a nicotine free electronic cigarette.

The one thing you will want to do if you choose VIP electronic cigarettes is to ensure you have two batteries. In most cases, the battery as mentioned on their website will last 2 hours of constant usage. If you do not want to go without vaping until the battery can recharge which can take up to two hours, it is best to have a back up.

The flavor options and of course the experience is above average with that nice throat hit we all want to experience. You may want to read another VIP electronic cigarette review or try this brand to see if it satisfies your craving for vaping.

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