Top 10 Electronic Cigarette Brands 2014

No kidding, when electronic cigarettes were just fancy new gadgets gaining a loose followership, the brands really didn’t get us all worked up, as long as the e-cig they manufactured produced a white cloud instead of smoke, looked great, and had a good enough battery.

That time is now at least seven years back, and with the years counting by did brands pop up like cheerios from a suddenly compressed pack. Sifting through the avalanche of brands thus became of essence if one wanted a quality product.

The e-cig brand war is fierce, and why wouldn’t it? Annual sales in the US alone has crossed $1.5b and global computations stand at $3b. But as it’s said, certain companies are described as the best because there are so many others that choose to be terrible at delivering services.

Our top 10 list stacks up the giants in the industry, it was dicey staking out positions to each brand, and for what it’s worth getting into the top 10 in an industry of at least 1000 brands in the US alone is an impressive feat. Much of the talk, let’s dig in!

1. V2

Why do we love V2 cigs? Everything about it. From the premium build to the long lasting battery, terrific vapor production, myriad of choices, quality control, affordability, stellar history in customer relations; you’ve got it all covered with V2 cigs.

There is a starter kit styled as the Beginners’ kit that goes for under $30. There are 5 more advanced kits that are higher in cost and offer more versatility. As such, there is a quality device and component at any budget point.

The release of the V2 Pro Series 3 electronic cigarette and announcement of future release of the series 7 and series 9 cemented V2’s position at the pinnacle of the industry for now and establishes them as favorites for the next couple of years.

2. Vaporfi (VaporZone)

What you think about the rebranding has little to do with the top quality that the industry ascribes to the Vaporfi brand. Vaporfi is not just an industry leader, it is a standard, one that other e-cig brands have to match up if they want to be taken seriously.

Having 6 well thought out e-cig kits means you can save yourself from the bludgeoning effect of too many overlapping choices. These are from the diminutive to the power electronic cigarettes. Everyone is catered for.

But where Vaporfi’s quality is bespoken is in its e-liquids. Manufactured in the US with top-of-the-range quality control, what you get are more flavors than you can shake a stick at, with tons of reviews of how they taste right. There are also blending options, meaning you can replicate high school chemistry class type mixings to get custom-made e-liquid that’s tailored for YOU alone!

3. Green smoke

Save the price bashing for those who’d trade quality for cheap, Green Smoke is this high up because they’re a premium brand. And what’s more they’ve revamped their product lines and driven price down; pushing up their acceptance ratings.

Green Smoke is a revolutionary, giving us a piece of the action in 2008 with their brilliant two piece design. Over the years, the brand has been synonymous with great vapor in the industry. You can’t get any better on this count, V2 is a rival not a better option.

The choices in kits are discrete, and flavors are just as good as any other in the premium segment of the industry. And the build of the e-cigs are terrific from the inside out, how else do you explain the great vapor production coupled with low maintenance and spiking sales?

4. South Beach Smoke

If you’re looking for industry experience, look no further. They’ve witnessed it all, the exciting part where celebs vape your products, the plateau when things seem to be stagnant, and the U-turn when some new kid in the block brings something wow-y and everyone is jumping ship. But you know what, they’re still standing tall.

Why? Because they’ve put their experience to good use. We’re talking quality e-cigs, nice flavor collection, brainy marketing in forms of promotions and rebates, outstanding battery life and some tech advancement—LED monitors, charging cases.

5. Halo

Putting one before the other between Halo and South Beach Smoke wasn’t easy because for a while, Halo just seemed like a brand deserving of the 4th spot. And we’d tell you why.

The design of their products are simply breathtaking, not just blindly but effective: none is sacrificed for the other. Talking about effective, the Titron series are a definition of the word. You want better battery life then you have every reason to pick them up.

The G6 kits are great kits and operability is a charm as well as maintenance. With Halo, ease of use is like a watch-word.

6. Apollo

Apollo have paid their dues and are been rewarded with rising ranks. If you want to make a switch to a brand that has the ambition, then this is your pick. Their e-cigs are great, so is their e-liquid selection. Accessories are available and they don’t turn down the dial on the quality of these as well.

Pricing is eye-opening and for the power users, you’d feel right at home with this brand as they’ve pooled in a lot of resources to keep you satisfied. All round, Apollo has this thing going for them where they’re slowly pushing up the ranks.

With multiple improvements coming in within the shortest time possible, we could see them clinching a higher spot in the future.

7. White Cloud Cigarettes

Here’s an e-cig brand that’s going nowhere further down in rankings, they’ve hovered in the industry elite league since inception and are doing their best to keep up with the changing plane.

This is via revamping their line-up, making their products more affordable and providing more flexibility. White Cloud cigarettes have upheld premium status for a long time now, and seeing that they are not ready to relinquish their spot on the big boys’ porch, you can be rest assured that you’d be getting better products not quack products as they drive costs down.

8. Eversmoke

If you’re thinking why eversmoke is not higher up in the rankings, the rigid competition is your answer. Having two sister companies in the list is not helping its ratings either (Vaporfi and South Beach Smoke). But eversmoke is not kidding around in the premium line.

Ratings and multiple positive reviews are the indicators to cement their status. Looking deeper, it’s the quality of their products especially their e-cigs that is being sold as a prime reason to make the switch to their brand. We couldn’t agree more, and there’s no dispute worthy of your attention.

9. Bull Smoke

Quality and cheap are not the best of buddies, but this brand makes a rare point that they can get along just fine. They tote electronic cigarettes with the lowest price points amongst brands in this list and the quality is just spectacular.

The kit choices they offer are not trump cards in terms of diversity—essentially one kit in two variants—but wait till you see what’s being offered. An AC adapter and a USB charger, ten cartridges, and two batteries for about $30. You wouldn’t get that anywhere, not with the kind of quality of the products in the kit.

They’re after the budget-conscious crowd, and on a list for this crowd, Bull Smoke will come on top. If you’re in this horde either by choice or necessity then bull smoke is your choice.

10. SmokeTip

Smoketip is not the worst of the Top 10 electronic cigarette brands, it’s the breakout brand that fought off other well-known brands to make the list. Smoketip knows us really well, we don’t like things complicated and they capitalized on that.

You have just two kit choices, Smoke Tip and Smoke Tank, that’s keeping things real. Then more choices are offered in their cartridge and flavor selections to cater to different preferences.

Thus, you get top quality products because they’ve had a lot of time and thought put into them. If you like the idea behind the brand, then you wouldn’t be disappointed by what you get when you make a purchase.

That’s it! We’ve gone through the top 10 electronic cigarette brands of the year. These are the cream of the crop and each are unique in their offerings and ideology, so it’s easy to identify with one that’d work for you.

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