The Top Electric Cigarette Brands

The company “Best Electric Cigarette Brands” published a survey entitled the five best electric cigarettes for 2014. At the top of the list “again” was V2 cigs.

V2 Cigs: V2 Cigs, the best cigarette for beginners for last year, has developed EX Upgrade Series. It’s been called the “product of the summer”. Reworked batteries and cartridges have made the cigarette delivery system compatible with more elaborate set-ups on the market today (pipes, cigars). The redesigned system puts out the amount of vapor and flavor of the bigger setups on the market. The EX battery and cartridges made this brand a new product with both power and simplicity. It scored a 92% when evaluated for selection, price, vapor production battery life and flavor. It is one of the top electric cigarette brands.

Halo: Has been one of the top brands in the past. They have redeveloped Halo’s Triton Tank Kit which was developed as an alternative to the cigarette delivery systems marketed by most brands, But the reviewer this year thinks their tanks are a little obsolete with the development of greater vapor delivery by the cigarette type. Still a good product with a better than V2 battery life. It was still rated 96% in the review but the user review came in at only 2 Stars. Their electronic cigarette starter kit is still a good buy at $64.99 and includes everything a beginner needs.

Apollo Electric Cigarettes came in at #3 this year as one of the top 5 electronic cigarettes. Apollo offers a range of vapor producing devices that are good for beginners and more senior vapor enthusiasts. It is this expansive array of products that keeps Apollo in the top five of vapor cigarette brands. Apollo came in at 88% with a down grade on their flavor selection. Reviewer suggest getting flavors elsewhere. They have a variety of starter kits – the standard, the extreme and the GoTo kit. Prices are in the ballpark at $55 to $70.

At number 4 on the hit parade we have Triple Seven (777) brand. 777, like Apollo, has many superior products their e-Hookah being the stand out. They have an excellent variety of e cig flavors. The reviewer went out on a limb by saying 777 cigs were “some of the best he tried”. They have an excellent and simple starter kit called the 777 Magnum. It’s a simple refillable kit with a good battery. 777 came in at 89% with no electronic cigarette reviews.

Fifth, but by no means least, we have SouthBeach Smoke. It’s a veteran. It has been one of the top electric cigarette brands for a long time. It is their original offering that was reviewed. Their initial offering is a non-descript cigarette type delivery system. Later they put their “South Beach Smoke Air” on the market and the reviewer has heard good things about it but hasn’t tried it. They have an adequate starter kits, five of them, including one for 21.95. Their deluxe goes for a hefty $159.99 but has everything you would ever need in the vapor smoking field. South beach comes in at about a 90% rating.

If you vapor smoke you can’t go wrong with any of the brands listed. It simply a matter of personal choice.

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