The roles of e liquid in an electronic cigarette

Depending on how you view the makeup of an electronic cigarette, the e liquid may just be one of the vital components, or the one component whose value predates the electronic cigarette itself. The e liquid and the electronic cigarette are co-dependent, meaning on their own they’re just about like any other mundane liquid mixture or fancy toy, but together they make for a device with endearing qualities.

In our quest to pick apart the roles of the e liquid within an electronic cigarette, we have to start off on knowing a little about both components.

The electronic cigarette

The e liquid may arguably be as important as the electronic cigarette, but technically it is not a functional part of the electronic cigarette. The e-cig has 3 basic parts, the atomizer, the cartridge and the battery. Sometimes, the atomizer and cartridge functions are thrown up by a single component called the cartomizer.

The e liquid

Also referred to as e-liquid, e-juice, juice or just liquid; it is contained in either the cartridge or the cartomizer. Basically, it is a mix of varying amounts of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavorings. However, you will need to refill e-liquid every now and then.

Roles of e liquid electronic cigarette

The intent behind the manufacture of an e-cig is to function as a more convenient cigarette that has electronic support, essential to current lifestyles. The e-cig steps on this plate by using principles, that’d be properly understood by a junior high school student, to produce vapor or aerosol that replicates the smoke that’s produced by conventional cigarettes especially in feel and quality.

The e-liquid henceforth referred to as e liquid electronic cigarette functions in this setup as the analogue of the meshed tobacco leafs in the conventional cigarette. Here, instead of being burnt, the e-liquid electronic cigarette is vaporized. The principle is simple, the battery powers the atomizer which draws in a preset amount of e liquid electronic cigarette from the cartridge that is heated to produce vapor to be inhaled.

When the singular component cartomizer is in use, there is a slight modification to this principle, not in the line of events but in the relationship between components. The content mug shot of the e liquid electronic cigarette is just one of other factors that influence the quality of the vapor produced.

The principal content is nicotine. If present, the amount of nicotine influences the throat hit significantly than vapor production. The higher the volumetric ratio of nicotine in the e liquid electronic cigarette, the harsher the vapor feels on your respiratory passages. Besides the nicotine content; the electric resistance of the heating element (coil in the atomizer); air flow in the atomizer; voltage output of the e-cig and efficiency of the wick (wicking element that funnels e-liquid from the cartridge to the atomizer); are other factors that influence the quality of vapor produced.

The e liquid e-cig is also influential in providing e-cig users versatility and more control over the kind of aerosol they receive and what it constitutes. It does so by allowing a variety of compounds (including the basic compounds) to be strewn in, in varying quantities. Thus, you could change the flavor of the aerosol produce to say menthol or coffee and mix in a preferred amount of other basic ingredients. This is possible via packs containing the basic ingredients separately allowing the user to make a custom e liquid electronic cigarette. A note of warning is in line as the ingredients are toxic, and should be handled with care. If it sounds like too much to handle, disposable cartridges containing e-liquid can be used. The tradeoff is that, you often are not aware of the substances used and in what proportions.

The roles of e liquid in an electronic cigarette are very important. A firm understanding of these roles will lead to more efficient use of an electronic cigarette, and enlighten a user as to the concerns surrounding the use of e liquids.

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