The Best Premium Electronic Cigarettes

Over the years electronic cigarettes have become more fashionable and stylish as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Premium Vapes has managed to rank its way up to the best premium electronic cigarettes of 2014 reviews right alongside V2 brand. This is because of its blended design in flavor variations as well as tiered nicotine intensities.

Premium Vapes has developed twenty different electronic cigarette options which its users enjoy. This has rather made the product ladder up among the best premium electronic cigarettes in the market. Those who prefer the old tradition would probably go for the hearty and strong tobacco as well as Carmel flavor types. Those who would rather prefer a vast adventurous taste would go for flavors such as Blueberry, Green Cherry or Menthol. The Premium Vapes e-cigarette starter kit contains different components which include:

1. An AC adapter
2. A flexible USB charger
3. Six separate refillable cartridges
4. 2 rechargeable batteries colored in your own choice.
5. A user manual

Another aspect that makes Premium Vapes the best premium electronic cigarettes is that it is designed in two parts which consequentially make the cartridge replacement very easy. When one cartridge is done, you just unscrew the empty used cartridge and screw it back on with a filled new one. Premium has not taken the typical design of batteries which older industrial age produced but has rather developed a much better design for a newer generation which doesn’t mind to invest in such a product. Premium offers a vast variety of batteries such of the camouflage and marbled type designs. You can choose from variety battery color types which include blue, ink, Burgundy, platinum, white, black, orange, green marble, indigo, purple, brown camouflage, green marble, green camouflage, golden, and Brown marble.

The premium electronic cigarettes kit only comes with a pack of automated batteries, so if you are looking for a traditional smoking experience, i guarantee that you will appreciate how easy it is to use the e-cigarette with the automated batteries. However we do not rule out the possibility of manual batteries which the veteran vapors would wish to be part of the e-cigarette package. A single charge of a premium e-cigarette battery is likely to yield roughly 200 to 250 puffs; this is a rough estimated figure comparable to 20 to 25 cigarettes. Although this figure does not reflect among the top notch lot in the electronic cigarette industry, it is quite acceptable figure likely to please both the experienced individuals and new vapors too.

If you keep the batteries in a good condition, the lifespan of your premium Electronic Cigarette will allow a just about three hundred (300) charges before you find need to replace them. Overfilling your cartridges during charging will cause the e-liquid to spill consequentially damaging the battery. This will render the warranty void, avoid it by all means.

Pros and cons

Premium Vapes is one of the best premium electronic cigarettes in the e-cigarette market,it has achieved this because it offers a vast collection of exciting designer batteries, electronic liquid flavors as well as nicotine levels.

One disadvantage with this product is that the packaging is rather plain and unimaginative.

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