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About Pure Cigs

The pure brand is enjoying a hay time with the current state of the industry. Despite the challenges that lies in the frontiers, the options in stock and innovation in place are delivering quality entwined with affordability – a rare synergy amongst different brands.

Not content with rolling out electronic cigarettes, the Pure brand explores other markets within the e-cig industry. Particularly focusing on e-liquids, mods, rebuildable atomizers & other build supplies. The experience and expertise in the manufacture of e-cig components for personal mod builds, has led to production of premium electronic cigarettes that are radically priced.

Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

There is an extensive collection of starter kits from Pure Cigs. All touting impressive build quality, it is exciting to find out that they all fall within the price range of $14.99 and $29.99.

Express Pack

This is the basic package on offer if on impulse you want to try e-cigs with the Pure cigs logo swathed on it. It also costs the least at $14.99. Its content includes one 220 mAH classic battery, one USB charger and a starter cartridge. Flavor options on the cartridge are only tobacco and menthol.

Elips Kit

For a $5 increase, you get a whole lot more in the Elips kit. For starters, two longer lasting batteries are tucked in—Elips 350 mAH batteries. In addition are two Elips clearomizer tanks with a volume of 2ml. These tanks can be filled with any flavored e-liquid, unveiling more choice. A USB charger is as expected included. So is a manual to help with some pointers on getting used to the accessories.

eGo Spinner Express Kit

Sharing a price point with the Elips Kit unveils a difficulty, why one and not the other? The eGo type of electronic cigarettes are renowned for their unrivaled efficiency, thanks to larger batteries and more complex interiors. It is the prime reason why taking up this kit over the other sounds like a plan.

You get a manual, an eGo USB charger, just one disposable C4 tank—as against 2 clearomizers in the Elips kit—and an e-cig with the eGo Twist 900 mAh variable voltage battery. Two things are to note about the battery, its capacity and increased flexibility with variable voltage.
XL Starter Kit

This is the most expensive of the starter kits bunch. It costs $29.99, which is worth every penny when the kit content is enumerated. 2 XL batteries each with a capacity of 650 mAH and engineered to last longer. This is supplemented with 4 XL cartridges capable of holding larger volumes of e-liquid. A USB charger is also included in the kit.

Pure Cigs Advanced Electronic Cigarettes

These include the kits:

• EVOD Express Kit
• EVOD Spinner Express Kit
• Elite Kit.

And the e-cigs:

• iTaste EP
• Ego V3 Mega
• V4 Mega
• Aspire CF VV+

Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers

Cartomizers available for pure electronic cigarettes are of seven flavors. These include, Cherry, Menthol, Nusty Blend, Risque, Tobacco, Vanilla and Virginia Tobacco. Since there are two cartomizer types, the classic and the XL types each have all seven flavors.

Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarette E-liquid

Three product lines of e-liquid are available namely the Classic, Premium and Select lines. Each have several products at different price points. Pure Cigs also stocks in its inventory e-liquid from other manufacturers including Space Jam, Obsession, Taste and others.
There is a worry though as regards pure cigs e-liquid, as they are believed to be manufactured in China. This owes to the widely held perception that US manufactured e-liquid have better quality control than Chinese made e-liquid.

Final thoughts

Pure Electronic Cigarettes are just so likeable from the get go. They have this premium build that appeals to those of us who value aesthetics. Then there is the affordability that makes it difficult for them to fall off our budget limits.

For the adventurous and power users amongst us, there are raw materials to go wild on – in forms of mods, rebuildable atomizers, build supplies, cartridges, tanks, and accessories. Versatility is not an option, it’s the definition of the product offerings stocked up.

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