Most popular electric cigarette brands

Choosing the electric cigarette you want to try can be difficult as the market is full of many different brands offering a variety of different options from automatic to manual and from tobacco flavor to chocolate. The best way to start vaping is to start by choosing one of the most popular electric cigarette brands and giving them a try. You can easily start without high costs by purchase a disposable or a basic kit to learn if the brand is the one that satisfies your cravings.

The most popular electric cigarette brands on today’s market include V2cigs, Green Smoke, White Cloud, and VIP.


V2 E cigarettes offer many different options including manual as well as automatic. V2 has three different tobacco flavors, which are Congress, Red, and Sahara, as well as menthol, peppermint, grape, cherry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, cola, and mint chocolate truffle. V2 also offers Zig-Zag flavors including traditional, menthol, Caribbean, Columbian, clove, mango, vanilla, island breeze, and dragonberry.

Most people enjoy the throat hit and express that it is as close to smoking a real cigarette as you can get. The kits offer you the opportunity to have all you need to begin vaping and enjoying the experience as soon as your kit arrives.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke is always at the top of the list for electric cigarette brands. This brand has been around for years and has many fans across the globe. You will be able to read all kinds of reviews both good and bad, but you must remember that vaping is a personal experience and not everyone is going to enjoy the same brand, just like some people like Marlboros and others prefer Winston.

Green Smoke offers kits, which include Pro, Express, Ultimate, Disposables, Love Birds, and Essentials. The most popular is the Love Birds. The Love Birds kit is the perfect choice for couples that want to make the switch together. The kit includes 6 batteries, 20 cartridges, 2 USB chargers, 2 car adapters, 2 wall adapters, and 2 deluxe carrying cases.

White Cloud

White cloud offers five kits, which include the Cirrus 2 electronic cigarette starter kit, Cirrus 2 plus electronic cigarette starter kit, Cirrus 3 starter kit, Cirrus 3X starter kit, and Cirrus Variety starter kit.

White cloud is one of the popular electric cigarette brands as they offer great kits and nice flavors that help make the switch and enhance the vaping experience. The flavors you may wish to try include tobacco like Bora Bora, menthol such as iced berry, fruit like the lime and the coconut, and exotic flavors like Kick!

VIP electronic cigarette

VIP electronic cigarette is one of the most popular electric cigarette brands due to the fact that they offer basic starter kits as well as photon tank kits and APV’s for the more experienced user. This provides users with the option of using tanks that can easily be refilled with their favorite liquids or use cartridges that only have to be replaced. Most people express the liquids are premium tasting which truly enhances the experience.

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