How to Get an Electronic Cigarette Fluid Refill

You finally made it buying an electronic cigarette and everything seems so exciting seeing how much it resembles a regular cigarette, that you would probably have forgotten an important fact, how are you going to refill your new device? Unless you have bought one of those inexpensive and disposable cigarettes that some brands have in their catalogs, practically all of the electronic nicotine delivery systems accept replacement cartridges or nicotine refills that you can buy through the same store delivering the electronic product, or at any other place where electronic cigarette fluid is available for sale.

Buying or Making it at Home

Not everybody knows that the liquid to refill electronic cigarettes can be made at home. Nonetheless, it is not really a straightforward solution, unless you have the patience to gather all the required ingredients, prepare the substance and then refill the cartridges yourself. Ingredients to make your own fluid include a liquid base that could be a mixture of vegetable glycerin, water, or propylene glycol, besides flavorings, liquid nicotine and a few other additives.

Spending time and money buying those materials and preparing the refill takes longer than placing an order to get the electronic cigarette fluid that is delivered to your door with much less effort, and sometimes at an unbeatable price.

Smoking Anywhere You Want

Another good reason to order an electronic cigarette fluid refill is that you can have it on hand whenever you need it, which is particularly useful if you have a busy social life. Many people have made smoking cigarettes part of their lifestyle and cannot go anywhere without smoking at least one. The great news is that smoking smokeless electronic cigarettes makes it possible to smoke even in tobacco-free areas!

Best of all, the electronic cigarette liquid does not produce smoke nor odor; hence electronic cigarettes are actually accepted wherever tobacco is not permitted, with a few exemptions. Remember that your electronic device may look like a real tobacco product and offend some people’s susceptibility.

Mixing Your Own Fluid

Although the formula to produce electronic cigarette fluid is relatively simple and all of the ingredients can be purchased either online or at your local drug store, the problem is that there is not an accurate recipe publicly available to produce your own nicotine liquid.

Basically, such recipe includes liquid nicotine, a liquid diluent and a flavoring of your choice. However, the proportion of each of these ingredients is usually contradictory and expressed in percentages that make no sense due to incongruence in proportions.

Do not ruin the benefits that electronic cigarettes provide you by substituting regular tobacco cigarettes, because playing the mad scientist that creates his own formulas could harm your health. Electronic cigarette fluid refills also give you the possibility to order different flavors to taste the same electronic cigarette in a way that is close to buying regular cigarette packs of different brands to experiment a new taste sensation. Ultimately, if you still want to make your own nicotine liquid, investigate it first to learn the accurate recipe.

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