How Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes Work

Smoking cigarettes has always been a socially accepted habit, which was even “chic and glamorous” in the fifties, sixties and seventies of the past century. However there is an undeniable fact that remains invariable through history; this habit causes nicotine addiction. Working similar to other addictions, nicotine produces cravings that make people feel the need to smoke at least one cigarette a day. Nonetheless, one cigarette leads to another, and many more until people realize they cannot stop smoking. Some of them may think of smokeless electronic cigarettes as a good alternative to quit smoking, but many more, being aware of the health risk involved in the consumption of tobacco products, prefer to ignore the warning labels printed in all cigarettes packages.

A Healthy Smoking Alternative

Electronic cigarettes are designed to help people quit smoking with ease, and you probably have heard of this option backed by countless success stories of people who quit smoking with the aid of an ENDS.

ENDS stands for Electronic Nicotine Delivery System, which is the most recommended smoking alternative when it comes to nicotine addiction. Although an ENDS is commonly designed with the shape of a regular cigarette, there are smokeless electronic cigarettes and many other designs to choose from including personal vaporizers. The ultimate goal of these systems is to substitute regular tobacco products to help smokers control their nicotine needs.

Smoking or Do Not Smoke

People suffering from nicotine addiction is moved by cravings that this substance produces, but while electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine, the advantage of using an ENDS is that smokers only receive a small amount of this substances in its pure form, free of other harmful chemicals found in tobacco. Smokeless electronic cigarettes deliver the amount of pure nicotine that your body needs without the health risk of regular cigarettes, even though there are also electronic cigarettes that produce a nicotine mist that resembles tobacco smoke.

Popularly called e-cigs, these electronic systems are still in the bull’s eye of the controversy because it is allegedly remarked that e-cigs will not stop nicotine cravings, but simply provide smokers with an alternative to have nicotine simply reducing tobacco health risks.

Anatomy of e-Cigarettes

Whether you choose smokeless electronic cigarettes or a personal vaporizer, all electronic nicotine delivery systems work similarly. They are battery-powered devices that do not require to be lit up with a flame, and therefore without needing combustion in their nicotine release process. These e-cigs do not produce the characteristic tobacco smell either. An ENDS uses the power of a small lithium battery to heat liquid nicotine, which is released into the form of fine vapor. This imperceptible vapor comes from the small cartridge used to provide the system with nicotine, and inhaled directly from within.

In conclusion, smokeless electronic cigarettes are definitely worth trying if you want to quit smoking. These cigarettes will provide you with small amounts of nicotine to satisfy your cravings, but will not deliver other tobacco chemicals that do not only ruin your health, but could be the real problem behind tobacco addiction.

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