Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes: All you should know

In all fairness, Gamucci is a veteran in the e-cig industry and deserves a handsome chunk of recognition. Self-acclaimed to have ridden the e-cig wave to Europe, they have been around for 7 years and are still kicking.

Gamucci e-cigs are not attention-grabbers anymore as they used to be, and it appears the brand has hit the plateau, or has allowed other e-cig manufacturers to ride the wave father off. Still in the UK where they set up shop first, they still remain relevant and record strong recognition.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes: Product Offerings

Diversity is MIA on the store shelves of Gamucci and it’s hard to imagine why. Presently, the e-cig industry is bullish, suggesting that any progress-hungry e-cig manufacturer would want to jump in, have a piece of the action, and carve out a sustainable market share to preserve their presence in the industry.

Having 3 starter kits, two disposable e-cig sticks, and a healthy array of refills; does not seem to be aggressive enough to support my previous assertion. Still it is far from disappointing, the silver lining here is that we have tried and tested e-cigs from a company that has stayed on for a long time.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes

Depending on how far into electronic cigarettes you want to go, the modest array of gamucci electronic cigarettes allow for a thoughtful pick to be made.

If you’re feeling like just trying out electronic cigarettes out of curiosity and have no immediate plans to explore the industry, then either of the disposable electronic cigarettes will do. They are referred to as Gamucci Disposable Original or Menthol e-cig or alternatively Gamucci Continental 500. Original and menthol account for the two flavor options supported. The cost is $7.99, so it sounds good as the price to pay to board the curiosity rover to get to the e-cig planet. Usage estimates is that it’d last for up to 500 puffs and is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.

The Gamucci electronic cigarette model on the next higher rung is the Micro USB starter kit. It costs $14.99 and has the following within its pack: One Hi-Power 240 MHz Rechargeable battery, one USB charger, and one cartomizer. Only the original flavor variant is available.
The Gamucci Micro Express Starter Kit, costs more at $24.99. It has a wall charger and one more cartomizer (in total 2 cartomizers) included in its package in addition to the content in the Micro USB starter kit. Flavoring option is limited to Original and Menthol.

The prime and moste popular Gamucci electronic cigarette is the Micro Deluxe Starter Kit. It beefs up an impressive spec sheet. The kit contains 2 rechargeable batteries; a USB charger, mains power and an adapter; a pack of 4 cartomizers plus 1 free; a carry case and a user manual. This is the starter kit with more bang for buck.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes Refills

Having just the Original and Menthol flavor options for the base package should make some faces frown, but Gamucci makes up with modest array of flavor options as refills. No e-liquid pack is made available, so it’s simply a matter of replacing a completely depleted cartomizer with one from a pack.

Refills come in packs of three and cost $7.99 which is above the competitive pricing. However, reception has been remarkable so it doesn’t seem like a waste. If you’ve shook the price off, then knowing only the Original flavor has 5 varied nicotine content values; 0%, 0.6%, 1.1%, 1.6%, 2.2%; would come off as another tough pill to swallow. Menthol has just two variants, 1.6% and 2.2%.

The other flavors available but stuck at just one option of 1.6% nicotine in 1 ml include; Apple, Coffee, Vanilla, Cherry, Grape, and Cola.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes: Final thoughts

The Gamucci store looks like it could use a boost. The outlook does not look bright at the moment, but the lack in variety does not translate to a lack in quality as the e-cigs give good enough throat hit, and function efficiently.

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