Electronic cigarette: The V2 brand

If you’ve schlepped across online making electronic cigarette related queries, then by all means you’d have come across a promotional piece courtesy of V2. However, a scare is usually an unfair prejudice that is associated by this extent of ubiquitous presence online. It is the goal of this article to unravel the facts in effect here, and unambiguously use the information obtained to dismiss or uphold this scare.

The V2 story

V2 cig is one of the brands supported by the firm VMR Products, along with V2 Pro and Vapor Couture. V2 was born in 2009, into a fierce industry trying to establish its root on the backdrop of a mammoth industry. It took 2 years however to get the coveted BBB accreditation with a rating A+, an achievement they’ve held on to date.

Much of its success owes to the brand being popular to online users, a trend that is sure to keep it on an upward march. Its popularity online can be linked to aggressive marketing tactics, thoughtful promotions and an impressive PR. But behind this is the real deal.

Electronic cigarette V2: The real deal

The real deal is that V2 is an esteemed brand that uses a proven network of strengths namely; people, quality, innovation, transparency and partnership to stay ahead of the competition.

Each of these strengths is on full display in the product offerings. And 4 years of their grip on the e-cig industry remains as these strengths are not looking to fade away anytime soon. New and updated product lines show improvements on all fronts further attracting more customers who are happy to do business.

Electronic cigarette V2: Products

Six expanding categories of product line-ups are available on V2. These are the starter kits, cartridges, accessories, batteries, e-liquid and disposables. All products have the premium feel and new installations in existing product lines are innovative. This comes at an affordable cost with significant perks that make the cost more worthwhile.

This is not an attempt to describe a perfect product as none of the products are, instead it is meant to highlight the progressive nature of the brand.

The Electronic cigarette V2

Being a part of six kits, the V2 e-cig is packaged in the Beginners’ Kit, Standard E-liquid Kit, Standard Kit, Standard Plus Kit, Couples Kit, and Ultimate Kit. To further target set apart groups of the population without sacrificing simplicity and quality, more control is advocated as the kits are highly customizable.

This implies that types of battery, range of colors, compositions of e-liquid nicotine, and flavoring can be altered to individual preferences. The best part is that these kits lead to considerable savings than when each part was bought separately – extending from $12.88 to $76.85.

The Electronic Cigarette V2 — Batteries

Batteries come in four different sizes that are proportional to their capacity and each could either be automatic (always on standby and working only when the owner makes a draw) or manually (offering better control). These batteries are Shorty, Standard and Long (all in the classic series); and the EX Series.

To guide buying choice, the dimensional length, wattage for automatic and manual variants and estimated number of puffs are included in the battery listings. The batteries are of the highly rated KD808D kind.

The Electronic Cigarette V2 – Nicotine content

This is measured in percentages. There are 5 levels, from the least to the highest, 0% (nicotine free e liquid), 0.6%, 0.8%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%. Each successive level offering better throat hit than the previous level.

The Electronic Cigarette V2 – E-liquid

The range of choice here further reiterates a company having a sturdy goal and understanding the role of customers in achieving it. There are 12 V2 Platinum e liquids and 6 Zig Zag e liquids. Each of these e liquid flavors can be bought in 25 or 50 ml bottles for V2 platinum juice and 60 ml bottle for Zig Zag juice.

All e-liquid packs, disposable packs and filled cartridges have a batch number that when entered into the V2 website unveils the test results of the purchase. There is also a full disclosure of the ingredients used in the manufacture of each e liquid pack sold.

Blank refillable cartridges are also available with drippers to carry out efficient dripping of e-liquid. The e-liquid in addition to the atomizer/cartomizer ensures that an outstanding quality of vapor is produced. One that resonates across different individual preferences.

The Electronic Cigarette V2 – Accessories

To further establish the V2 brand as a premium brand, non-gimmicky accessories are made available. A charging case, carry case and an adapter make up the number of electronic cigarette V2 accessories.

Electronic Cigarette V2: The Verdict

V2 is a quality oriented brand, so if your concerns center on a delighted premium electronic cigarette vaping experience, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better brand at the affordable rate. From the foregoing, it is pertinent to conclude that the scare though reasonable is unjustifiable for the following reasons:

  • Premium quality of product.
  • Great reign of choice catering to different preferences.
  • Lifetime warranty for all V2 electronic components.
  • Top e liquid quality control.
  • Full disclosure.
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee.
  • Outstanding vapor production.
  • Striking long battery runs despite quick recharges.
  • Affordable and budget friendly

But it cannot all be roses for this brand. Admittedly, flaws or cons exist, most of which are subjective and are currently being addressed by the introduction of new products or adjustment in business structure.

  • Price. It is okay to want cheaper even though the quality is obvious, and this is being addressed. The ultimate kit had a price slash leading a wake of price slashes in the horizon. Additionally, coupons exist to make products more affordable.
  • Flavor choices and quality. This is subjective, still, new flavor product add-ins attest to V2 looking into customer feedback and doing its best to deliver the ultimate e-cig puffing experience.
  • Sealed cartomizers.

Electronic Cigarette V2: The V2 Pro Series 3

This is an improvement to the V2 brand with an exciting price-to-performance ratio, the highest to date. It totes a larger battery, larger volume of e-liquid and more diversity (allowing for use with e-liquid, loose leaf and essential oils). It represents the future of the V2 brand.

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