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Blueprint for Vaping Electronic Cigarettes: What, Where, How and Why?

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The appeal and fundamentals of electronic cigarettes can be mystifying, so here is a straightforward look at vaping e cigs, from function and cost to some of the best brands on the market.

I will be providing an overview of different types of e cigarettes and giving my personal recommendation as to which receive my illusive “gold star” rating. I have been a smoker for over fifteen years and have been reluctant to try something different—As a loyal and happy Marlboro smoker, I couldn’t fathom switching brands, let alone converting to a different method of smoking all together. While I haven’t converted entirely, I do switch back and forth, and have already saved hundreds of dollars this year alone.

I observed some friends and co-workers smoking e cigs, and they really enjoyed it. I decided to give it a try and have since become an avid electronic cigarette smoker and advocate. I thought I might share my experience with you and assist you with discovering what best suits your palate.

What You Need In An Electronic Cigarette

In order to try out electronic cigarettes, you will need the basic starter kit. Most people desire e cigs that closely resemble an actual cigarette (also known as analogue cigarettes). In this case, you should purchase e cigs with flavor cartridges. The battery and cartridge, when put together, look just like a real cigarette! The flavor cartridge, also called a cartomizer, is pre-filled with the smoking e liquid and comes with a built-in atomizer. You need a flavor cartridge, battery and charger (USB) to get out the gate. I suggest purchasing two or three batteries initially, because it’s no fun when your battery dies, and you’re stranded without a backup!

How An Electronic Cigarette Works

For the basic electronic cigarette models, a heating filament inside the cartridge heats up the nicotine vapor. This heating process is activated simply by inhaling on the filter-like end of the e cigarette. Some models(optional) require that you hold down a button while inhaling, but these do not have an automatic battery. I have found that the automatic models, such as those listed below, are more akin to actual cigarettes. Smoking these e cigs feels just like the real thing, and the flavor is fantastic.

My Experience With Electronic Cigarettee cigarette  vaping

I set out to try out as many electronic cigarette brands as possible in order to give fellow skeptics a comparative list of what e cigarette brands resemble which brands of analogue cigarettes. Everyone has specific flavor preferences, so you ought to try these on your own, but here are some I believe to rate closer to the “real thing” than other e cigarette brands out there.

Gold Star Rating (my top choices for closest to the real thing):

Marlboro Red/Camel – V2 Cigs Red/Sahara

Newport/Kool  — V2 Menthol and V2 Mint Tea

Marlboro/Camel — Absolute Tobacco & Tobacco Gold from Green Smoke

Newport Menthol – Green Smoke Menthol Ice

The above listed can be purchased online directly from the company below:

http://v2cigs.com – V2 Cigs ReviewV2 Cigs

http://greensmoke.com – Green Smoke Review

http://whitecloudelectroniccigarettes.comWhite Cloud Cigarettes Review

These are the highest quality electronic cigarettes on the market. I purchased the V2 Standard Kit at v2cigs.com. This kit comes with ten V2 Cigs Red 18 cartridges, two batteries and a charger kit (wall adapter and smart charger)—all the essentials for only $59.95. If you prefer Green Smoke, there is another comparatively priced starter kit at greensmoke.com, called the Green Smoke Pro Kit. You get ten flavor cartridges, two batteries, one USB cigarette, one USB charger, a home and car adapter, plus a deluxe carrying case, for only $99.95—a great deal! You can always check out http://v2cigs.com and order refill liquid to refill your own (this method will save you serious dollars in the long run!). Please see the “how-to” video below on refilling cartridges on your own:

Why I Purchased Electronic Cigarettes

Once I realized how much I love smoking electronic cigarettes, what it came down to for me was simple dollars and cents. I wasn’t looking to quit smoking, or change my method of smoking, but what I discovered was that I could no longer afford paying $15 a day for cigarettes. My co-worker broke it down for me: you pay less than $0.50 a day, or even less than $0.25 a day, to smoke e cigs! Now, that is something I can afford!!

At my colleague’s suggestion, I didn’t convert completely, but just switched back and forth, between real cigarettes and e cigs, and I started saving immediately. When you purchase and refill with your own e liquid, you are only spending pennies a day! (Please check out the “how-to” video on refilling your own e cigarettes. You can use any brand.) A couple of bottles of refill liquid will cost you less than a carton of cigarettes and will last weeks! It comes out to less than a $1 a day, depending on your vape usage. V2 E-Liquid is what I’ve found to work best for me.V2 Cigs e liquids

I hope this introduction and overview helps you find what you’re looking for. Come back soon to find additional electronic cigarette reviews soon. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion with feedback. There are many more e cig brands I have not yet tried, or benefits to converting to electronic cigarettes that are not yet listed here.

How To Refill Your Electronic Cigarette Video

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