Different brands of electronic cigarettes

Today, the market is flooded with different brands of electronic cigarettes so it makes it very difficult to decide which one to try. The only true way to make a decision about the ones you would like to try is to read the reviews of actual users and become more educated about the various types of e-cigs available. Before you even start considering a brand, you must first decide what type of electronic cigarette will satisfy your needs.

Practically all of the different brands of electronic cigarettes offer different types with the most common being mini, mid-size, or mods.

Mini electronic cigarettes

Even though the type sounds like you will be getting something small, you will actually be purchasing an e-cig that is close to the same size as a cigarette. You can find disposable as well as rechargeable mini e-cigs from several different brands of electronic cigarettes manufacturers. The most common mini e-cig brands include V2 cigs, Green Smoke, White Cloud, VIP, and Gamucci. Most people that are switching from smoking to vaping often choose minis, as they are small, lightweight, discreet, and the best way to switch.

Mid-Size E-Cigarettes

When you check out the different brands of electronic cigarettes that are mid size, you will normally find e-go. This type is a bit different as in most cases; you will need to push a button in order to activate the battery. Many users prefer this model as they like the idea of controlling the vapor manually often producing a stronger vapor. On the other hand, it does away from the smoking experience if you want it to feel natural. The different brands of electronic cigarettes you can find include Halo, Apollo, SmartCigs, and Vapage. In the majority of cases, you can also refill the cartridges or cartomizers with e liquid instead of tossing it when it becomes empty. Most people enjoy these, as they are not any larger than a cigar, provide a longer battery life, and are great for all level smokers that want to make the switch.

APVs or Mods Electronic cigarettes

The last ones on the list are APV’s or Mods, which are not really electronic cigarettes, but are more personal vaporizers. These types do not have anything in common with smoking except for the vapor that is exhaled. This type is for the hard-core vapor that wants to be in control of the entire vaping experience. You will have control of the liquid feed, choices of many different sizes of tanks, voltage, and full electronic control complete with a digital readout according to the different brands of electronic cigarettes you choose. The most common brands include Volcano and Vapor Zone. Most people choose this type if they desire a huge puff of vapor, long battery life, and the customization that is offered.

As you can see, according to the type of experience you desire, you will find a large array of different brands of electronic cigarettes on the market today.

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