V2 cigs electronic cigarette review

If you are looking for the best electronic cigarette to try then you are more than likely reading all kinds of reviews. You may have already read a V2 cigs electronic cigarette review, but of course, everyone has a different opinion and different things they like and dislike about any product.

Our V2 cigs electronic cigarette review will go over the basics so you make your own choice if this is the e-cig you want to try first or if you have others and are not fully satisfied, hopefully you will find the review worthwhile.

What you get

The V2 EX standard kit comes with 2 batteries, 10 flavor cartridges, 1 wall adapter, 1 smart charger, and the user’s manual. The great thing about the V2 is that you can choose some of the things you want in your kit. The company gives you options that many other companies do not offer or allow such as choosing a tobacco flavor instead of just regular or menthol. You can even choose the color and size of the battery you would like included in the kit as well as either automatic or manual.

Battery Life

The battery life is very important with any V2 cigs electronic cigarette review. Overall, the life of the battery was better than many of the ecigs on the market lasting a full 6 hours before needing to recharge. The best part is that you receive two batteries so one can be used while the other charges, which makes the V2 even better as many kits do not always offer two batteries so you may have to wait until your battery charges.


Not too impressed with the manual, but I like the feel of smoking and therefore I do not want to push a button to enjoy vaping. Other people love the idea of controlling the vapor and pushing the button. This is a personal preference. Either way, the vapor was nice and the battery did last the entire day but I am not a heavy smoker.


The vapor was hot which made it more like a real cigarette, which was a pleasant surprise along with the nice throat hit. The amount of vapor was more than I expected. The draw was very nice, long and smooth creating a very nice vaping experience.


I prefer a liquid that actually tastes like the cigarettes I use to smoke so I was pleased with the regular flavor. I did not like the nutty flavor of the Red tobacco and honestly, I did not try menthol. They do have a large array of flavors and others that have tried these expressed they were full flavored and were pleasing.


My V2 cigs electronic cigarette review is that I enjoyed the experience but for some that want to refill the cartridges they may be disappointed. I prefer to replace than refill so they are prefer for me. I would like to see a few more flavors but will stick with the regular tobacco flavors until I find one that sparks my interest.

Different brands of electronic cigarettes

Today, the market is flooded with different brands of electronic cigarettes so it makes it very difficult to decide which one to try. The only true way to make a decision about the ones you would like to try is to read the reviews of actual users and become more educated about the various types of e-cigs available. Before you even start considering a brand, you must first decide what type of electronic cigarette will satisfy your needs.

Practically all of the different brands of electronic cigarettes offer different types with the most common being mini, mid-size, or mods.

Mini electronic cigarettes

Even though the type sounds like you will be getting something small, you will actually be purchasing an e-cig that is close to the same size as a cigarette. You can find disposable as well as rechargeable mini e-cigs from several different brands of electronic cigarettes manufacturers. The most common mini e-cig brands include V2 cigs, Green Smoke, White Cloud, VIP, and Gamucci. Most people that are switching from smoking to vaping often choose minis, as they are small, lightweight, discreet, and the best way to switch.

Mid-Size E-Cigarettes

When you check out the different brands of electronic cigarettes that are mid size, you will normally find e-go. This type is a bit different as in most cases; you will need to push a button in order to activate the battery. Many users prefer this model as they like the idea of controlling the vapor manually often producing a stronger vapor. On the other hand, it does away from the smoking experience if you want it to feel natural. The different brands of electronic cigarettes you can find include Halo, Apollo, SmartCigs, and Vapage. In the majority of cases, you can also refill the cartridges or cartomizers with e liquid instead of tossing it when it becomes empty. Most people enjoy these, as they are not any larger than a cigar, provide a longer battery life, and are great for all level smokers that want to make the switch.

APVs or Mods Electronic cigarettes

The last ones on the list are APV’s or Mods, which are not really electronic cigarettes, but are more personal vaporizers. These types do not have anything in common with smoking except for the vapor that is exhaled. This type is for the hard-core vapor that wants to be in control of the entire vaping experience. You will have control of the liquid feed, choices of many different sizes of tanks, voltage, and full electronic control complete with a digital readout according to the different brands of electronic cigarettes you choose. The most common brands include Volcano and Vapor Zone. Most people choose this type if they desire a huge puff of vapor, long battery life, and the customization that is offered.

As you can see, according to the type of experience you desire, you will find a large array of different brands of electronic cigarettes on the market today.

Green smoke electronic cigarette review

Green Smoke is one of the most talked about electronic cigarettes on the market today. They offer a variety of starter kits along with a few unique flavor cartridges. Our Green smoke electronic cigarette review will give you an idea of what to expect from the e-cig so you can make an educated decision on your choices.

Green Smoke Starter Kits

What would a Green smoke electronic cigarette review be without letting you about what you get when order one of the starter kits? Green Smoke offers four kits, which include Pro, Express, Ultimate, Disposables, Love Birds, and Essentials. The basic kit is the Pro, which comes with 3 batteries, 10 cartridges, 1 USB charger, 1 car adapter, 1 wall adapter, and a carrying case. All of the kits offer different items, but you basically receive the same items only more of different items, except for the disposables and the essentials. The disposables kit comes with six electronic cigarettes while the Essentials come with 1 battery, two cartomizers and a USB charger.

Green Smoke Battery Life

You more than likely have read other Green smoke electronic cigarette reviews to learn if this electronic cigarette is the one you should try and battery life means quite a bit when it comes to enjoying vaping. The problem with determining just how long a battery will last really depends on the user. I have tried different batteries and have actually had one last for an entire day while other people stated the battery only lasted around three hours. I believe the life of the battery depends on how deeply you inhale and how much you vape. Overall, the Green Smoke battery is long lasting for the average vaper, which can last up to 6 to 8 hours. Of course, if you are a heavy vaper you can cut down the life of the battery to two to three hours.

Green Smoke Performance

The Green Smoke e-cig experience is very close to a regular cigarette. The battery activates with even the smallest drag and builds up like smoking. The back of the throat hit may not come with the first drag unless you hit it hard, but the same goes with a real cigarette. The emulation of a real cigarette is perfect for those wishing to switch from tobacco to vaping.

With my Green smoke electronic e-cig review, I have to admit I like the battery better than most, as I do not have to hit a button in order to activate the battery, as I prefer vaping that is as natural to smoking as possible. The vapor produced is more than adequate and is better than many other e-cigs on the market.

Green smoke electronic cigarette review conclusion

The downside is that Green Smoke does not offer many flavors and their battery will not fit on any other cartomizers on the market. This is pretty much the same for all ecigs, as the companies do not want you going to their competitor for flavorings or other accessories. On the other hand, the vaping experience was very satisfying offering the perfect throat hit and feel of a cigarette.

Best e cigarette reviews

The new e cig has taken the world by storm and everyone is looking for the best e cigarette reviews to make a decision if they truly want to try to switch from smoking or if they want to try vaping. There are many different websites offering reviews on the latest electronic cigarettes so it can be very difficult to decide which ones are actually the best e cigarette reviews.

Electronic cigarettes are more than just a fad, but are a better alternative over using tobacco. With e-cigs, you can enjoy the smoking experience without all the harmful chemicals and additives found in tobacco and in your favorite cigarette. The best e cigarette reviews will provide you with information on what you will receive with the products you purchase as well as other information including the average life span of the battery and if the nicotine level actually satisfied the craving. Of course, it is not going to be easy to switch as you might think. You are not only addicted to nicotine which you can receive with an e-cig but you are also addicted to the other chemicals that are in tobacco. This is why you need to learn more about the operation and the feel of the e-cig before you purchase.

The best e cigarette reviews will explain the feel of the electronic cigarette. Does it feel more like a cigarette when holding? Does the vapor hit the back of the throat like smoking? Is the taste appealing like a real cigarette? If you are trying to switch, these are very important questions to answers.

If this is your first time vaping, and you want it to be as close to smoking as possible, then you always want to learn if the e-cig is automatic. Some electronic cigarettes are manual, meaning you must push a button to activate the battery, which is far from natural for a smoker.

The best e cig reviews will also explain the taste of liquid. For those that want their electronic cigarette to taste like a cigarette, then you want to know if the flavor is close to what you are smoking now, whether regular or menthol. If you are not satisfied with the flavor of the vapor, you are not going to make the switch. Of course, there are hundreds of different flavors on the market today and you will want to learn if the taste is weak, strong, or perfect according to other users.

Our reviews try to cover all the questions you want answered so you make the best educated decision on the brand or brands you wish to try. Of course, the only true way to make a decision if the one you choose is the best option is to try a few different brands. We want you to enjoy your vaping experience and that is why we work diligently to ensure our reviews are the best e cigarette reviews available, providing you with as much information as possible.

Which is the best electronic cigarette?

When looking for the answer to which is the best electronic cigarette, you must realize that it is a personal decision and choice. There are many different options that make vaping a personal experience and no one can tell you which e cig is the one that will satisfy your nicotine craving or will give you the experience you desire.

There are an array of options, which it comes to the best electronic cigarette including rechargeable e cigs, disposable electronic cigarettes, e-go e-cigs, personal vaporizers, and electronic cigars.

Rechargeable e-cigs

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes normally come in kits so you receive all the supplies you need to get started. The best electronic cigarette in this group should ensure you have all the items you need to experience vaping with an electronic cigarette. In most cases, companies offer starter kits that are perfect for those that want to try before going head first into vaping. In these starter kits, you will receive a standard white automatic battery, 6 flavor cartridges, and a charger for the most basic kit. Beginner kits allow you to try the brand as well as the ecig so you can decide if this one is right for you. From the basic kit, you will also be able to purchase larger kits once you find the best electronic cigarette that satisfies you.

Disposable electronic cigarettes

Disposable e-cigs are often the first step for anyone wanting to learn what it is like to vape. To learn if one brand over another is the best electronic cigarette for you, it is always a great idea to try their disposable e-cigs. This way you use the e-cig until the cartridge is empty and then throw it away. Some people prefer disposable ones over rechargeable as they are actually more like a real cigarette in that you do not have to recharge. On the other hand, in the long run it will be less expensive to purchase a kit once you realize which brand you prefer.

e-Go electronic cigarettes

e-go cigarettes offer different options for you to try so you can find the best electronic cigarette. Kits available for this group offer an atomizer, clearomizer, cartomizer, and tankomizers according to your personal choices. Cartomizers are like cartridges that can be thrown away after use whereas tankomizers offer a tank that you can fill with your favorite liquid instead of tossing away when the cartridge is empty.

Personal vaporizers

This group are unique but are often used by those that are experienced vaping as you have more control as well as more vapor. The sizes of the mods or PV’s are normally much larger than your regular e-cig and provide a powerful vapor that many truly enjoy.

Electronic Cigars

Of course, we have to include the e-cigar for those that truly love the taste of a cigar but do not want the harmful chemicals found in tobacco.

Everyone one of the above electronic cigarettes offers a kit so you can make a decision on your own which is the best electronic cigarette for your own personal taste and experience.