Breathe Fresh Review

breathe fresh

Breathe Fresh eCigs are comparatively new in the electronic cigarette industry and were launched in October of 2010 which was over a year ago and today they are still moving along at a very steady pace. We looked around the internet for reviews but most of the e cig reviewers were not really helpful or provided the necessary details of their brand.

However they have surprised many others including us because of their speedy growth and ability to get their product on to the market in such a short period of time.

Things I like about Breathe Fresh eCigs.

1. First and foremost is of course they help in getting rid of bad breathe which is caused due to smoking regular cigarettes.
2. They are variable in different flavors, my favorite being the Apple flavor.
3. There is a wide variety of Kits available to fit anyone’s preferences
4. They have great customer support and go beyond what is expected to help you
5. They don’t contain tar, ash or smell so again it helps in getting rid of bad odor breathe.

As far as the quality of the kits they are very high quality and Breath Fresh tells us that all kits must go through their extended testing for assurance and safety in their testing labs located in Miami, FL.

Another upside that is worth mentioning is the ease of use in their cartridges, even though the length of the actual cigarette is a little bit longer than most cigarettes they are still very easy to handle and you can feel the quality unlike other brands which feel cheap or poorly made.

If you’re looking to get started with e cigarettes then this is a good place to start thanks to their wide selection and low prices.

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