Benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

Contrasted with conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes firmly rise on top as the safer of the two. But that hasn’t spared e-cigs the wanton attention that is often meted out on regular cigarettes. Compared to the $87b conventional cigarette industry, the $3b electronic cigarette industry is a bud. But with current forecasts tipping the e-cig industry to eclipse the cigarette industry within a decade, it is imperative that there is something behind the curtains spurring growth.

The advantageous and disparaging effects of smoking electronic cigarettes at the moment are not firmly rooted on scientific and/or statistical evidence. Fewer than 100 studies have been conducted thus far, and concrete conclusions would not emerge till about two decades from now. In the meantime however, there are theories that are supported by already known facts that’d lend credence to beneficial effects of smoking electronic cigarettes that wouldn’t be realized from the use of conventional cigarettes.

These would be categorized into health, economic, social, and environmental benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes.

Health benefits of electronic cigarettes

• No toxins

Though current findings do not rule out the presence of certain chemicals in e-cigs. The magnitude of these in e-cigs pale in comparison to that in conventional cigarettes. In the latter, there are over 7000 distinct chemical substances of which 43 are known carcinogens. This mind-boggling number is attributed to the burning of cigarettes. Because e-cigs do not release smoke, the quantity of chemical substances is greatly reduced and more harmful toxins if present are in trace quantities.

• Improved circulation

E-cigarettes do not produce carbon monoxide which impedes efficient circulation in the body by reducing the amount of oxygen your blood cells can carry.

• Facilitates smoking withdrawals

Although there has not been enough in form of evidence to rest this assumption, there are multitude of reports of smokers becoming less addicted to smoking and aiding cessation. This is supported by a growing number of physicians recommending its use for the reasons stated above.

• Other health benefits

E-cigs produce less irritants to the respiratory surface in the body, thereby leading to less incidence of smokers’ cough and discomfort. Taste is also improved as substances implicated in the link between smoking cigarettes and less-sensitive taste buds are not present in electronic cigarettes.

Economic benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

• Spend less

Quality cigarette packs cost upwards of $10 in the US, with 293 billion cigarettes purchased in the US in 2011. A modest outlook of savings put estimated cost of replacement cartridges at $600, which is 40% less than the $1000 annual expenses of a pack-a-day cigarette routine. Also, because you only deplete e-liquid when you puff, a cartridge can be used longer than a cigarette pack as breaks when smoking sticks is less likely to occur.

• Insurance

Save on insurance packages when you acknowledge that you do not use conventional cigarettes. This is because life insurance premiums are higher for cigarette users due to the higher risk of health complications.

• Other economic benefits

Cigarette use constitute a huge part of the more than $156 billion of lost productivity that has to be parried annually by the US. E-cigs help remedies this deficit by helping users lead more productive lives. Considerable savings are also made with the use of e-cigs as cigarette accessories like lighters and ash-trays are not needed.

Social benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

• No smell

A significant percentage of the population detest cigarette smoke, and societal pressures kick against its association with acceptable life patterns. E-cigs produce an odorless mist that doesn’t leave an acrid smell.

• Less restrictions

E-cig use is permitted in most public spaces where conventional cigarettes are not allowed. Thus, you’re able to vape on the go without usage limitations.

• No ash

Ash leaves a tandem of deprecate waste and an eye-sore smear, which has to be taken care of often. Electronic cigarettes do not leave ash after their use and contributes to a more pristine lifestyle.

• Other social benefits

In the US, 88 million nonsmokers had secondhand smoke exposures in 2007-2008. Making this number is 53.6% of young children aged 3–11. Adult nonsmokers with exposures would have increase heart disease risk of 25-30% and lung cancer risk of 20-30%. E-cigarettes pose lower health risks as the vapor blown out is less toxic.

Environmental benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

• No risks of fire

Smoking can easily pass on from burning a cigarette stick to burning a house. Smoking is the leading cause of fire incidents in many countries in the world including the US. And causes 30% of fire death burdens in the US. The effects of smoking caused by fire incidents eclipse environmental to health and social impact. All of this is prevented as there’s no risk of fire when using electronic cigarettes.

• Less waste

Many e-cigs have refillable cartridges and rechargeable batteries that allow prolonged use. Use can extend to years and most parts can be recycled for re-use. Thus, electronic cigarettes are environmental friendly in their use.

Final thoughts

The list above is not exhaustive of the varied benefits of using e-cigs and as more research data emerge, outrageous myth of the dangers of e-cigs will be dismissed. This will come at a time when better understanding of its roles in smoking cessation and withdrawals materialize. A very recent study by an international team of leading tobacco researchers have advocated that the benefits of using electronic cigarettes may outweigh risks as ascribed by current evidence. This comes as the FDA agrees that e-cig use is certainly healthier than the use of conventional cigarettes.

For what it’s worth though, it is important to dispel the syntax use of smoking in relation to electronic cigarettes, in preference of vaping. This owes to the production of vapor/aerosol/mist/cloud of substances from e-cigs as against smoke produced from conventional cigarettes.

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