Are You Looking For The Top Rated Electronic Cigarette?

When in comes to questions like which is the best electronic cigarette, top rated electornic cigarette brands come in. It can be very difficult to choose only one top rated electronic cigarette, as they are so many different brands to choose from on the market today. In popularity as well as what type of experience you desire from vaping, makes the choice even harder.

When you look for the top rated electronic cigarette you have to look at the most popular brands, which include V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Vapor Zone, and White Cloud.

Checking out these four top brands, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages from users across the globe to help you make a decision on which one you would like to try. Of course, you must remember that vaping is a personal experience and you may disagree with others opinion once you try the electronic cigarette. I myself have found that some users stated a battery only lasted them a couple of hours while it lasted at least 8 hours for me.

V2 Cigs

V2 cigs are always found a top rated electronic cigarette list. Most users state the throat hit is strong with wonderful vapor production. The options are perfect for different users as you can choose from manual or automatic. The cartridge is sturdy and the battery has a very long life span when compared to others. Accessories like various battery colors make the experience more personal and they offer a large array of refills and e-liquids. The warranty is better than most covering up to five replacements. The only downside from some users is that their electronic cigarette does not look like an actual cigarette.

Green smoke

Green Smoke may not the top rated electronic cigarette of all due to the full rich flavors and longer lasting cartridges. The design is one that everyone seems to like with a triple sealed cartridge and even a two-piece cartomizer. The battery life is above average. Green Smoke offers more nicotine levels than other companies, which certainly helps those that enjoy smoking a regular cigarette but want to steer clear of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco. Customer service got a thumbs up from all users. The only downside was the most users would like to see more flavors added to their list.

Vapor Zone

Vapor Zone is on the top rated electronic cigarette list due to the unique clearomizers and the long lasting battery. The company also offers some custom e-liquid blends you cannot find at other companies. The vapor production is nice and is consistent which makes the experience very pleasing. No real downside if you want to use clearomizers and refill with liquid. Some users prefer cartridges that do not need refilled but just replaced.

White cloud

White Cloud is certainly is in the top rated electronic cigarette group for their SmoothDraw and StealthDraw technology used with their cartridges. The vapor production is great and the battery life is outstanding. They even offer strong nicotine levels for heavy smokers, which are not often found with many companies.

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