All About Nicotine Levels In Electronic Cigarettes

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular and there are various models on the market. It is an electronic device which looks like a real cigarette and its main advantage is that instead of the standard tobacco smoke which is harmful for the smoker and the people in his vicinity it produces smoke which doesn’t necessarily contain nicotine. It’s important to know all about nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes before you decide to use such a product.

Let’s take a look now at nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes.

The nicotine level in electronic cigarettes is measured by the milligram of nicotine in a one millilitre solution. Nicotine is a compound which creates psychological and physical dependence and because of that it is hard to stop smoking.

On the market there are normal cigarettes with the following nicotine level:

0 mg/ml – refill without nicotine,, ideal for those who want to stop smoking, people who still have the need for cigarettes but don’t want to consume nicotine.

4-6 mg/ml – for moderate smokers who smoke up to half a pack of cigarettes per day or just occasional smokers. Ultra-light level.

11-12 mg/ml – for those who smoke up to a pack of cigarettes per day. Sufficient level for smokers who smoke light cigarettes

18 mg/ml and 24 mg/l – for people who smoke up to 1 and a half packs per day. Sufficient level of nicotine for smokers who use Marlboro red.

36 mg/ml – if you smoke very strong cigarettes.

48 mg/ml – for those who smoke a lot and smoke very strong cigarettes .

You should study in detail all information about nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes to find out what your ideal dosage is and how to minimize the harmful effects of smoking.

Of course, it is recommended that you try to use the cigarettes with the lowest nicotine level, and then if you need to you can start using cigarettes with a higher nicotine level. You can always change the level of nicotine accordingly to your needs.

Electronic cigarettes can be used both as a tool which can help you stop smoking or as a real substitute for a traditional cigarette, and it’s advantage lies in the fact that there are no toxic ingredients of tobacco in it, but at the same time they can provide the same level of nicotine a smoker is accustomed to.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes are also on the market and in different flavors, so you can choose between: Classic Tobacco, Royal Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Coffee Creation, Peppermint, Vanilla, Menthol and more flavors.


When you are buying refills for your electronic cigarette, be sure to find out all about nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes. It’s important to know how much nicotine you are consuming to avoid possible harmful effects and to avoid overdosing.

Before deciding on how much nicotine you want to consume when smoking electronic cigarettes you should take a look at how much nicotine you used to consume when you were smoking traditional cigarettes. On every package there is information about nicotine levels, so based on that you can decide what nicotine level is best for you.

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