A Guide to the Top 5 Electronic Cigarettes

Giving up smoking isn’t as easy or some as it is for others. Nicotine is the most powerful drug known to man and for that reason, a smoking addict trying to break the habit faces a very tough battle. In this guide to the top 5 electronic cigarettes, you will discover the benefits of each as well as where to find them. Electronic cigarettes are a lot healthier than a normal cigarette as they only produces a harmless vapour, with a measured amount of nicotine in each puff. Gone are the days of smelly clothes and bad breath, massive health risks and death. There really has never been a better time to give up smoking, so read our guide and find out which one suits you!


E-Lites were one of the first brands to emerge during the e-cig boom of the early noughties and have emerged as one of the top 5 electronic cigarettes manufacturers in the world. The quality of their cigarettes is undisputed, spending considerable money on redevelopment and research to constantly and consistently improve their products. Battery life is 200+ puffs while each cartridge gives you up to 30 cigarettes.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke are much bigger in the US than they are in the UK, however, their influence is slowly starting to spread. Formed back in 2008, they aren’t much younger than E-lites, however they do deserve their place among the top 5 e- cigarettes manafucturers, with customers raving about smoothness, texture, taste, and comfort. Green smoke ecigs are another company who redevelop and research as they go, providing many options such as starter kits, cases and other accessories. Each cigarette cartridge gives you up to 30 cigarettes and the battery life comes in at 300+ puffs.


JacVapour are fairly new to the market and have only just started releasing products for general sale in the last two years. This does not detract from their quality however, with excellent customer service, fast shipping, lovely flavours and great battery life making JacVapour a close contender in the top 5 electronic cigarettes. Their starter kit comes with two batteries, a sleek portable charging case and charger plus an electronic cigarette, providing real value for money.


V2 cigs were founded in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength in the e-cigs market. They have earned their place in the top 5 electronic cigarettes manufacturers by consistently polling their users and listening to their feedback and by only using quality ingredients in their vapour cigarettes. They are easy to use, and offer a good starter kit with long life batteries, great tasting vapour as well as a sleek look.


A catchy name and a great taste, along with a great starter kit containing a cartridge, charger, 2 long life batteries and car charger makes this one of the best value packages on the market. Cigees have been around for three years now and have a 250+ drag battery life, making it one of the most long-lived cigarettes on the market.

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