Where can I get Electronic Cigarettes No Nicotine?

Electronic cigarettes are the newest craze for smokers and non-smokers alike. E-Cigarettes were developed in China and then brought to the United States in 2007. Many were developed to look just like a regular cigarette but the minute you look into them you can see the difference. There is no tobacco…merely a liquid that is heated up and vaporized and then inhaled. Hence, the term “vaping.” This liquid can be flavored with just about anything; fruit, cereal, candy, menthol, even cigarettes. It can also come with or without nicotine for those who are looking to quit or those that want the flavor and don’t smoke themselves. So the big question now is where can you get these electronic cigarettes no nicotine?

The answer is: almost anywhere!! GO online and search for “electronic cigarettes no nicotine“, or go to your local garage and ask for electronic cigarettes no nicotine. Gone are the days of having to go to a liquor store or gas station to buy cigarettes. Sure you can still get them here and you can even get the nicotine free ones here as well but what if you don’t want to go there, where can you go to get electronic cigarettes no nicotine. Look on just about any corner and instead of seeing a coffee house you now find a “Vape Store.” Step inside and it is like a tasting store. Comfortable couches, a bar, recliners, pretty much anything you need to be relaxed and try the newest flavors. When you decide on the flavor you like now the only decision to make is the level of nicotine you want for the mixture. Every time you buy a new liquid it is made for you and the nicotine is added to your specification. Trying to cut down gradually? No problem, get a level just a bit less than an actual cigarette. Almost off the habit of regular cigarettes? Great go for a barely there touch of nicotine. Never smoked before or completely quit? Perfect! They have just the thing for you, no nicotine vapor liquid. You can still get the flavor and the sensation without the nicotine. Belly up to the bar and tell the “VapeTender” your chosen flavor and puff away. We havbe article on this site in case you are not familiar with nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes.

Don’t have the time to go into a Vape store? Where else can you find no nicotine E-Cigarettes? You can go to the one place that you can find just about anything on the planet, the internet. Go to Google and type in “where can I buy no nicotine e-cigarettes” and hundreds of listings will appear. No need to worry about finding a parking spot, the weather, or even about getting dressed. Just make a couple of clicks and have your Vape delivered to your front door. Granted, you might have to wait for a couple days to enjoy and you might not get to try them before you buy, but the convenience makes it worth it for some people.

If you prefer to make your purchases in person, vaping stores have popped up in all large cities, and many of the smaller ones as well. The employees who work there will be happy to help you find the right e-cigarette for your needs, and help you in your quest to remain free and clear of tobacco for the rest of your life.

Finding Free Trials for Electronic Cigarettes

The idea of putting aside the standard cigarette and trying out electronic cigarettes is an attractive idea. Even more so considering you can try free trials for electronic cigarettes before you buy. Still, most smokers are a bit nervous about making the switch. It’s not possible to walk into a store and ask to just try out an e-cigarette. It is possible, however to find out where to get an electronic cigarette free trial without risk by doing a little searching.

The Neighborhood Shop

Naturally, one of the first places most people look while seeking where to get electronic cigarette free trials is to check with local vapor or cigarette shops. This is a good place to find electronic cigarette coupons and deals, but often there’s no free trial available. This isn’t the time to give up hope however, as a clever shopper will find opportunities elsewhere.

Searching Online

One of the best places to find free trials for electronic cigarettes is online. A simple search with an Internet browser will usually result in several hits when looking for smokeless electronic cigarettes, cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, or e-cigarettes. It’s wise to narrow the search criteria specifically for free trails.

Avoiding Scams

Typically, when looking where to get free trials for electronic cigarettes online, the concern is running into scams. The best way to avoid this possibility is to check out reviews of a site and find out the experience customers have had in the past. Look for those sites that genuinely want to see happy customers returning after trying their product free for a limited time.

Looking for Promo Codes and Other Freebies

One method of finding electronic cigarettes free trial is locating a promo code. When a product is first on the market, or a new brand is being offered promos are obtainable in order to generate interest. This is a great chance to try out an e-cigarette for the first time. Promo codes are often offered on the site where the new smokeless cigarette will be sold, or it can be found other places online.

Blogs and Forums

When searching for a free trial for this type of e-cigarette, it’s possible to find promo codes or free offers on blogs and forums related to this topic. In the same place it’s possible to find discussions and electronic cigarette reviews, a smart shopper will also find promos, and free trails. This is almost a once stop shop in looking for where to get an electronic cigarette free trial online.

Social Media

In looking online a clever bargain hunter can find deals and free trials simply by asking others what they have found. Often, this is the best way to see a fast result, as typically others who have switched to the electronic version of “vaping” over smoking are quick to share information regarding how to find the best deals possible. Social sites where a number of different topics are discussed will usually bring in many others who are also looking for the same information. Sharing results and opinions on the best options can quickly lead to getting the best free trial selections.

How to Buy Liquid For Electronic Cigarette Use

The biggest difference between the standard cigarette and the smokeless electronic cigarette is the vapor. A flavorful vapor comes for a quality liquid. Those who are hoping to stop smoking are usually interested in those liquids that contain nicotine. In some areas it’s not easy to find a quality blend that contains this ingredient. This leaves the vapor user wondering where to buy liquid for electronic cigarette use.

Vapor or Smoke Shops

One solution in the quest of find e-cigarette “juice” is to try a vapor or smoke shop. Some either will have the right kind of cartridges or canister re-fills on hand, or they are able to order them for customers. The downside for the customer is waiting for an order to come in, and the possible added expense. In those areas where it’s not permitted to buy liquids with nicotine added it’s best to order online. We have plenty of information about nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes, so make a mix that is right for you.

The Online Shop

The upside for those who are hoping to find where to buy liquid for electronic cigarette use is that online shops frequently have the best selection of flavors, various nicotine strengths, and cartridges to fit a shopper’s needs. Here, those just switching to the use of the e-cigarette can also find affordable kits that contain everything needed to take the step away from using standard cigarettes. You can also look for electronic cigarette free trial before ordering. You can also find electronic cigarette coupons and deals to decrease the price a bit in case you cannot find free trials.

Why Switch to Electronic?

Part of the reason to buy liquid for electronic cigarette devices is these can make a big difference in the experience a vapor user enjoys. A good quality e-fluid will ensure the vapor produced carries the right amount of nicotine, and the best flavor possible. For a former smoker the action of using an electronic cigarette is very familiar since the draw from the mouthpiece is close to the same action as with smoking. The liquid that tastes like rich tobacco, or another preferred flavor would offer the same satisfaction as smoking a standard cigarette. The only difference a former smoke will than find are positives in switching to an electronic device. Gone is the ash, and odor that can make smoking a problem. Instead, the odorless vapor of the e-cigarette gives the user the same perk of nicotine and flavor without any of these drawbacks.

Looking for Flavor?

As the use of the e-cigarette has become more and more popular around the world, those seeking to buy liquid for electronic cigarette devices have found the task a simpler one. It’s not only possible to find shops online with an easy search for e-cigarette liquid or fluids, the choices are seemly endless. It’s possible to locate almost any flavor imaginable from a deep tobacco blend, to gourmet varieties. Various strengths are also available and can be found with ease. In most cases, it’s possible to find the milligrams of nicotine per strength listed on the site, in order to have the correct amount needed. Those who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes are finding the selection and quality of e-liquid is constantly improving.

The Top Electric Cigarette Brands

The company “Best Electric Cigarette Brands” published a survey entitled the five best electric cigarettes for 2014. At the top of the list “again” was V2 cigs.

V2 Cigs: V2 Cigs, the best cigarette for beginners for last year, has developed EX Upgrade Series. It’s been called the “product of the summer”. Reworked batteries and cartridges have made the cigarette delivery system compatible with more elaborate set-ups on the market today (pipes, cigars). The redesigned system puts out the amount of vapor and flavor of the bigger setups on the market. The EX battery and cartridges made this brand a new product with both power and simplicity. It scored a 92% when evaluated for selection, price, vapor production battery life and flavor. It is one of the top electric cigarette brands.

Halo: Has been one of the top brands in the past. They have redeveloped Halo’s Triton Tank Kit which was developed as an alternative to the cigarette delivery systems marketed by most brands, But the reviewer this year thinks their tanks are a little obsolete with the development of greater vapor delivery by the cigarette type. Still a good product with a better than V2 battery life. It was still rated 96% in the review but the user review came in at only 2 Stars. Their electronic cigarette starter kit is still a good buy at $64.99 and includes everything a beginner needs.

Apollo Electric Cigarettes came in at #3 this year as one of the top 5 electronic cigarettes. Apollo offers a range of vapor producing devices that are good for beginners and more senior vapor enthusiasts. It is this expansive array of products that keeps Apollo in the top five of vapor cigarette brands. Apollo came in at 88% with a down grade on their flavor selection. Reviewer suggest getting flavors elsewhere. They have a variety of starter kits – the standard, the extreme and the GoTo kit. Prices are in the ballpark at $55 to $70.

At number 4 on the hit parade we have Triple Seven (777) brand. 777, like Apollo, has many superior products their e-Hookah being the stand out. They have an excellent variety of e cig flavors. The reviewer went out on a limb by saying 777 cigs were “some of the best he tried”. They have an excellent and simple starter kit called the 777 Magnum. It’s a simple refillable kit with a good battery. 777 came in at 89% with no electronic cigarette reviews.

Fifth, but by no means least, we have SouthBeach Smoke. It’s a veteran. It has been one of the top electric cigarette brands for a long time. It is their original offering that was reviewed. Their initial offering is a non-descript cigarette type delivery system. Later they put their “South Beach Smoke Air” on the market and the reviewer has heard good things about it but hasn’t tried it. They have an adequate starter kits, five of them, including one for 21.95. Their deluxe goes for a hefty $159.99 but has everything you would ever need in the vapor smoking field. South beach comes in at about a 90% rating.

If you vapor smoke you can’t go wrong with any of the brands listed. It simply a matter of personal choice.

The Best Premium Electronic Cigarettes

Over the years electronic cigarettes have become more fashionable and stylish as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Premium Vapes has managed to rank its way up to the best premium electronic cigarettes of 2014 reviews right alongside V2 brand. This is because of its blended design in flavor variations as well as tiered nicotine intensities.

Premium Vapes has developed twenty different electronic cigarette options which its users enjoy. This has rather made the product ladder up among the best premium electronic cigarettes in the market. Those who prefer the old tradition would probably go for the hearty and strong tobacco as well as Carmel flavor types. Those who would rather prefer a vast adventurous taste would go for flavors such as Blueberry, Green Cherry or Menthol. The Premium Vapes e-cigarette starter kit contains different components which include:

1. An AC adapter
2. A flexible USB charger
3. Six separate refillable cartridges
4. 2 rechargeable batteries colored in your own choice.
5. A user manual

Another aspect that makes Premium Vapes the best premium electronic cigarettes is that it is designed in two parts which consequentially make the cartridge replacement very easy. When one cartridge is done, you just unscrew the empty used cartridge and screw it back on with a filled new one. Premium has not taken the typical design of batteries which older industrial age produced but has rather developed a much better design for a newer generation which doesn’t mind to invest in such a product. Premium offers a vast variety of batteries such of the camouflage and marbled type designs. You can choose from variety battery color types which include blue, ink, Burgundy, platinum, white, black, orange, green marble, indigo, purple, brown camouflage, green marble, green camouflage, golden, and Brown marble.

The premium electronic cigarettes kit only comes with a pack of automated batteries, so if you are looking for a traditional smoking experience, i guarantee that you will appreciate how easy it is to use the e-cigarette with the automated batteries. However we do not rule out the possibility of manual batteries which the veteran vapors would wish to be part of the e-cigarette package. A single charge of a premium e-cigarette battery is likely to yield roughly 200 to 250 puffs; this is a rough estimated figure comparable to 20 to 25 cigarettes. Although this figure does not reflect among the top notch lot in the electronic cigarette industry, it is quite acceptable figure likely to please both the experienced individuals and new vapors too.

If you keep the batteries in a good condition, the lifespan of your premium Electronic Cigarette will allow a just about three hundred (300) charges before you find need to replace them. Overfilling your cartridges during charging will cause the e-liquid to spill consequentially damaging the battery. This will render the warranty void, avoid it by all means.

Pros and cons

Premium Vapes is one of the best premium electronic cigarettes in the e-cigarette market,it has achieved this because it offers a vast collection of exciting designer batteries, electronic liquid flavors as well as nicotine levels.

One disadvantage with this product is that the packaging is rather plain and unimaginative.

The Best Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits

If you are one of the many people who are turning to electronic cigarettes in order to start living a tobacco-free life, there is much you need to know. In order to find the best electronic cigarettes starter kits for you, read on and find out for yourself what you need to know.

There is a very wide variety of e-cigs and e-liquids, and you need to know what the right one is to suit your needs. If you have paid attention when at the counter of your local convenience store, you probably have already noticed one type of e-cigs. Disposable electronic cigarettes are cheap, and readily available. But if you are serious about staying tobacco-free, they are probably not the best choice for you as they tend to be harsh, and not every flavorful.

If you are really serious about quitting tobacco, you will want to consider a complete starter kit with rechargeable cartridges. This is the best electronic cigarettes starter kits since they afford you many more options than the disposable variety. These starter kits come with a liquid nicotine cartridge, and a battery that can be recharged. All you have to do to operate it is to charge the battery, and then screw on a liquid nicotine cartridge, and you are ready to enjoy.

This type of e-cig comes in a wide variety of sizes, from the size of a regular king-size cigarette, to the size of a small flashlight. They also vary widely in colors and styles, and this alone makes it confusing for a first-time buyer.

If you are a heavy smoker, in other words, you smoked more than a pack a day, you will prefer a rechargeable e-cig over a disposable because they are more powerful and deliver more nicotine with each and every puff. The best electronic cigarettes starter kits will accomplish your goal, and in the vast majority of cases of people who are shopping for them it is to leave tobacco behind for good. So you will want to find one with a flavor you enjoy, and a battery that does not die out right when you need it the most.

If you are thinking about buying one of the smaller sized units, make sure to get at least two batteries with it. This way, you can use one while you charge the other. The flavor cartridges are made to equal one to two packs of cigarettes, but that is not always the case.

Research has shown that a majority of smokers will take longer and harder drags off of a e-cig. This is because at first the vapor is not nearly as dense as that of a tobacco cigarette. Many smokers also miss that burning sensation in the lungs that an e-cig cannot provide. But the main things is to find a e-cig that has the right dose of nicotine, as that is what you are addicted to, and not the “feeling.”

The best electronic cigarettes starter kits are going to cost you between $40 and $100. This is one case where you indeed will get what you pay for, as the higher priced units tend to have better flavors like menthol, and are more likely to help you quit tobacco once and for all.

All About Nicotine Levels In Electronic Cigarettes

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular and there are various models on the market. It is an electronic device which looks like a real cigarette and its main advantage is that instead of the standard tobacco smoke which is harmful for the smoker and the people in his vicinity it produces smoke which doesn’t necessarily contain nicotine. It’s important to know all about nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes before you decide to use such a product.

Let’s take a look now at nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes.

The nicotine level in electronic cigarettes is measured by the milligram of nicotine in a one millilitre solution. Nicotine is a compound which creates psychological and physical dependence and because of that it is hard to stop smoking.

On the market there are normal cigarettes with the following nicotine level:

0 mg/ml – refill without nicotine,, ideal for those who want to stop smoking, people who still have the need for cigarettes but don’t want to consume nicotine.

4-6 mg/ml – for moderate smokers who smoke up to half a pack of cigarettes per day or just occasional smokers. Ultra-light level.

11-12 mg/ml – for those who smoke up to a pack of cigarettes per day. Sufficient level for smokers who smoke light cigarettes

18 mg/ml and 24 mg/l – for people who smoke up to 1 and a half packs per day. Sufficient level of nicotine for smokers who use Marlboro red.

36 mg/ml – if you smoke very strong cigarettes.

48 mg/ml – for those who smoke a lot and smoke very strong cigarettes .

You should study in detail all information about nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes to find out what your ideal dosage is and how to minimize the harmful effects of smoking.

Of course, it is recommended that you try to use the cigarettes with the lowest nicotine level, and then if you need to you can start using cigarettes with a higher nicotine level. You can always change the level of nicotine accordingly to your needs.

Electronic cigarettes can be used both as a tool which can help you stop smoking or as a real substitute for a traditional cigarette, and it’s advantage lies in the fact that there are no toxic ingredients of tobacco in it, but at the same time they can provide the same level of nicotine a smoker is accustomed to.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes are also on the market and in different flavors, so you can choose between: Classic Tobacco, Royal Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Coffee Creation, Peppermint, Vanilla, Menthol and more flavors.


When you are buying refills for your electronic cigarette, be sure to find out all about nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes. It’s important to know how much nicotine you are consuming to avoid possible harmful effects and to avoid overdosing.

Before deciding on how much nicotine you want to consume when smoking electronic cigarettes you should take a look at how much nicotine you used to consume when you were smoking traditional cigarettes. On every package there is information about nicotine levels, so based on that you can decide what nicotine level is best for you.

A Review of Electronic Cigarette Coupons

Tobacco is a commodity that many people cannot live without. Consuming it in different forms (In countries like India for example, it is eaten in a pasty form, called as gutka) as well as the conventional way of smoking it in thin or thick cigarettes with different levels of tobacco content, cigarettes are one of the most potent killers as well as cancer causing agents in the world today. According to a WHO estimate, nearly 6 Million people are affected every year from the consumption of tobacco and with that number increasing year by year, the number of smoker is increasing at an alarming rate despite millions of dollars invested in campaigns to contain it. Despite all of these efforts, anti-smoking lobbyists are coming out with newer ways to urge people to quit smoking. We will do a review of electronic cigarette coupons in just a few moments. But first, what is an electronic cigarette?

Nowadays, people with a strong resolve to quit smoking can avail a smart invention called the electronic cigarette or “e-cig” in short. These cigarettes can be charged with an electrical cord and help by creating vapour out of a special oil to ensure that the unhealthy components of a normal cigarette are eliminated from the smoking process. With a smokeless output that the smoker can exhale, these cigarettes are an alternative method to cut down on consumption of unwanted tobacco. With e-cigarette companies coming out with various offers and discounts to lure more traditional cigarette smokers into quitting or reducing smoking, a review of electronic cigarette coupons gives an idea of the various offers that electronic cigarettes are coming out with.

Companies such as V2 brand, which is touted to be the bestselling electronic cigarette company in the world, have a large presence online and a big fan base for the efforts they make to keep people away from harmful cigarettes. The coupons that they offer include a 10% and a 15% discount over their products. V2 ecigs also offer 30% off select combo deals. Their close competitors, White Cloud and Vaporify offer a great deal of 12% off on their products sold online. Green Smoke, have offers like 10% off on purchases over a 100$ as well as 5% off of everything in their stores. Bull Smoke, which is an emerging player in the electronic cigarette arena, offer an amazing deal of over 20% off on their products.This sort of review of electronic cigarette coupons helps users notice efforts made by e-cig companies to genuinely help out hapless smokers.

The best part about these coupons is they give an additional benefit to vapers, as they like their customers to be called, who already enjoy subsidised rates over e-cigarettes available all over the world. A review of electronic cigarette coupons helps vapers narrow down their need to research the internet. All users have to do is to copy and enter the code while purchasing their cache of electronic cigarettes online. The reason that electronic cigarettes are a great alternative is because they do not contain the 4000+ toxins that are present in normal rolled cigarettes and are a great alternative to help people to quit smoking and lead a healthier and happier life without any disease.