Effectiveness of Menthol Electronic Cigarette Options

People engaged with smoking flavored cigarettes such as those produced by Marlboro, Newport, Kool – among other menthol brands — will find that technology could be their best aid when it comes to quitting smoking. Yes, if you like the taste of menthol Marlboro cigarettes, you may not find much difference when trying a menthol electronic cigarette version. Electronic cigarettes are indeed a great and healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. Flavor and technology can be the solution to get you going with your smoking habit, but without any health risk associated to tobacco products.

Flavor: Good or Bad

Electronic cigarettes provide you with a sensation that is similar to smoking regular cigarettes. They smell much alike and taste much the way tobacco tastes. However, the trick behind these electronic devices is the nicotine liquid used to recreate an ordinary smoking experience. Because most regular cigarettes are tobacco flavored, some people question the effectiveness of a menthol electronic cigarette, if compared with a tobacco version.

Nonetheless, menthol flavor in electronic cigarettes is simply an alternative for people who find the tobacco flavor too strong for their taste. Menthol aims to provide a softer smoking experience that, at a time, freshens your breath.

Menthol Cigarettes for Women

When menthol cigarettes were first marketed, some advertising genius tried to introduce this flavored version to a specific segment of consumers in the smoking market: women. The quality of these cigarettes was the same as their regular versions, but the taste was definitely something different and original. Today, menthol cigarettes are not specific to any group in society, but to the smoker that wants to find a menthol electronic cigarette to satisfy his/her palate.

Flavor Characteristics

A common complaint among users of electronic nicotine delivery systems is the metallic taste that some of these cigarettes leave in the mouth. However, this problem may come from the brand of a chosen device or the poor quality of its cartridge. A popular menthol electronic cigarette brand is Smoketip Menthol E-cigarette. This is a smokeless electronic cigarette with a robust flavor and no unpleasant aftertaste. An aftertaste could be another unpleasant characteristic that poor quality electronic devices leave in the mouth.

There are many brands of menthol electronic cigarette, as there are also many flavored electronic cigarettes available including banana, strawberry, watermelon and more. However, many people select menthol electronic cigarette brands because these are a common choice when it comes to buying tobacco-made cigarettes. Many people believe that it is hard to quit smoking using electronic devices that taste like anything but never as a real cigarette.

Whether you like the taste of a menthol electronic cigarette or prefer the regular taste of the original tobacco cigarette, the important fact is that if you want to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes can help. If you do not want to stop smoking, but are concerned about your wellness and that of the people close to you, smoking electronic cigarettes with flavor or not, contribute to avoid health risks associated with toxins that real tobacco products contain, and are not present in electronic alternatives.