The Purchase of Electronic Cigarettes: Considerations

Electronic Cigarettes

It is the dawn of the 21st century, and the industrialization that took off a few decades short of three centuries ago is now on a new lane. From steam locomotives to electronic bullet trains, station wagons to the birth of electronic driverless cars; let’s keep the list short shall we. Thing is, convenience is high on the platter of modern civilization and what we see is the move from ways that just work to ways that work and are convenient.

What does this have to do with electronic cigarettes you may ask? If you still do not see the connection, then picture this, smoking as we know it goes back at least two millennia. And for a long while through this new age of industrialization its basic form has not seen changes. But concerns existed, from its smell to its addictive tendency and…drum roll…its links with deteriorating health.

The electronic cigarette addressed these concerns, so the pungent smell of tobacco didn’t have to irritate non-users around, so that the percentage of getting addicted significantly reduced till the electronic cigarette became viable in addressing traditional smoking addiction, and lastly so that it posed much lesser health risk. All of this while being touché, durable, and being marginally better assimilated by society.

Making a purchase

On first thought, if one wanted to purchase electronic cigarette, it’d make sense to head to a brick-and-mortar store, a local gas station or one of the big malls. But hold that thought a minute, the e-cigs industry is extensive and there are many variations of e-cigarettes from different manufacturers that’d make your eye pop. Also, models from manufacturers undergo yearly makeovers that may not be covered by most of the offline stores you’d visit. And the last of this is, the right selection of premium e-cigs are not on the store shelves of any of the aforementioned stores.

So you’d ask, what are my options then? All your options are online, I tell you. Like most things electronic, you really do have to know how it works, what it does and why you’re getting it for you to get anywhere near decent efficacy out of the equipment. For the electronic cigarette, the product description on a pack wouldn’t cut it, and don’t go thinking the store keeper or the nice guy designated to help with purchases would know much better.

Sure, you don’t want a class in physics or have to read a technical report, just reviewing a product and doing a little bit of research will do. Next stop, what you should consider when making a purchase of electronic cigarettes.

I want to purchase electronic cigarette: what do I need to know?

For starters, whether you’re a first-time user or not matters. You could as well not be a first-time user, but have had a low-ball experience with a half-baked electronic cigarette you picked up once upon a time, and want to get something much better—in which case you’d also need to make a purchase like a beginner or first time user.

Buying a Starter Kit

Now if you’re in either of the two categories above, you should purchase a starter kit. Starter Kits arm you with the basic accessories of an electric cigarette, so you don’t have to go looking for the several components. Most manufacturers have starter kits: and from the top manufacturers, including V2 cigs, White Cloud, Green Smoke, Pure cigs; you’d be sure to make a premium all-round product purchase.

The following tips should guide your purchase of a starter kit.

• Get at least 2 e-cig batteries. Why you need at least two is because the batteries are rechargeable, and when one is being charged you have another to make use of. To get a clue as to how much you can get out of a battery before it’s useless. A full single charge gets depleted to naught in about 6 hours. And an e-cig battery has a life span of about 300 recharge cycles. You do the math as to many hours you can get out of one e-cig battery. Both estimates are bound to vary across manufacturers, but on the upside the estimates increase with newer models. Lastly, to ensure longer battery lifespan, let the battery run down completely before charging it back up.

• Get as many cartridges as you can afford. To put this into perspective, a cartridge of average-capacity would last as long as a pack of conventional cigarettes. Refillable cartridges are your best bet, and are recommended. But starting out, you do not want to deal with the technicalities of refilling one, so it’s best to get 4 or more, depending on the size of your budget.

• Get a means to recharge your battery with. This would commonly be a USB charger. But you could also buy a car charger. And don’t miss a power adapter if you think it’d come in handy.

If you’re not a new user, then you should be more comfortable making e-cig purchases. However, a brief ground up of the workings of an e-cig, the various categories available in the stores, and the noteworthy features that make certain electronic cigarettes better purchases than others; are necessary before making any more purchases.

How electronic cigarettes function

The basic components of an electronic cigarette include:

• Battery (that is usually rechargeable).
• Cartridge (for storing e-liquid).
• Atomizer (made of a wound element for heating and a wicking material for drawing e-liquid).

In some e-cigs, a single component functions as both the cartridge and atomizer. This device is commonly referred to as a Cartomizer. A portmanteau word from ‘cart’ in cartridge and ‘omizer’ in atomizer.

Collectively, these basic components function thus: the battery produces current that is used by the heating element of the atomizer to heat the e-liquid delivered from the cartridge through the wicking material of the atomizer. The vapor/aerosol that’s produced is then delivered to the user.

Types of electronic cigarettes

Variations in this basic principle of operation is reason for the different types of vaporizer available. Also, certain perks are added by manufacturers to steam up the quality of their models. The principal types of vaporizers include:

• Rechargeable E-cigs

There are 2 major sub-classes of this type of e-cig, the 2-piece design and the 3-piece design. The difference is in the components, while the 2-piece design has the battery and cartomizer, the 3-piece design has a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The latter gives its user better control of the quality of vapor, because one is able to change the e-liquid and regulate the resistance (measured in ohms) of the wound element of your atomizer. That way you can try out a juice of different flavor or reduce the temperature of the vapor if it’s giving throat burns.

You’d have to sacrifice your time though for this much control (which frankly is not so much – say within 5 minutes). If you’d rather have simplicity over versatility then the 2-piece design would be your preferred pick.

• Disposable E-cigs

If you miss the conventional cigarette style of crash, burn then repeat; this is for you. When you no longer get vapor on the receiving end of one, it’s time to dish it and get another. The components of a typical e-cig remain the same here: difference is, all components are sealed in.

• E-go E-cigs

These are the bigger variants of the rechargeable electronic cigarettes, toting bigger batteries, increased e-liquid volume and some perks to give them a premium feel. These e-cigs use a standardized 510 threading on their batteries, and owing to a diverse array of cartridges supporting this threading type, you’d never be short on replacements.

• Electronic Cigars

When e-cigarettes hit the market, cigar users had many reasons to expect a variant tailored for them. A short while later, the e-cigar was introduced. The e-cigar is meant to replicate the handling of a cigar stick and the quality aerosol it produces. There are limited flavors and replacement accessories though.

• Personal Vaporizers

These are the cream of the crop of e-cigarettes. Usually preferred by those who’ve established themselves in the use of e-cigarettes, the customization, flexibility in options and added detail make these the most sought after e-cigs. Also referred to as lava tubes, manufacturers give their best into these models, and as a result these do not sell cheap. Personal Vapes are usually the largest; have perks like an LCD monitor that displays the wattage, battery level, number of puffs taken and a range of information that’d make your eyes glow; have LED lights to denote the on/off state of the device et cetera. Also, mechanisms to regulate the resistance of the atomizer is available.

For this reason, it is definitely not the best fit for a beginner or an inexperienced user. But for those who’ve had their fill with different types of e-cigs and are prepared to go for the ultimate e-cig, then it’s time to start reviewing the personal vapes on store shelves.

At any point in time, it is easy to figure where you’re at and how you’re progressing in your use of an e-cig. The types listed above are to guide your selection by acknowledging your preferences.

Now that we’ve discussed the components and types of e-cigs. Another important factor to note in your purchase electronic cigarette is the e-liquid.

The e-liquid in e-cigarettes

E-liquid are also called e-juice or just juice. This is the formula placed in the cartridge that’s heated to produce the areosol you inhale when you use an electronic cigarette. There are basically two variants, nicotine free e-liquid and e-liquids that contain nicotine. Beside this, there’re various flavorings (example menthol, coffee, chocolate etc.) that can be added in either of these variants to cater to specific user needs. The basic ingredients of the e-juice are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and/or polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG400), nicotine, flavorings and sometimes alcohol. There’s no industry-wide standard on how much of which should be mixed, so the concentration of any of these ingredients are all over the place across e-liquids from different manufacturers.

The important question is why does this matter in your purchase of electronic cigarettes? The reason is simple, when you start out with e-cigs you want to go with prepared formulas from premium manufacturers. As you progress, you become more definite of how you want your aerosol to feel in your mouth, throat and lungs. And though sometimes, it will take a couple of testing of various e-liquids, at other times, you might just want to prepare your custom made e-liquid.

Whichever way, you’d want a refillable e-cig (most e-cigs are refillable), and a pack of ingredients should you want to custom make the e-liquid you’d use. When making a custom e-liquid, you should be careful when mixing and read through the product information from the manufacturer: reason for which you should shun the cheap packs with twisted English or foreign language for the slightly premium kinds preferably manufactured in the US, that’d give you easy to understand information so as to regulate your use.

Tips when purchasing electronic cigarettes

We’ve gone through virtually all there is to know about making a purchase of e-cigs, what’s left is the actual buying. But before you do, there are tips you should know:

Health tips

The use of e-cigs has its risk factors which you should be aware of. Diabetic, high blood pressure patients have increased risk with use of electronic cigarettes. Same for those who are pregnant, have a family history of heart diseases or are on medication for depression and asthma. Playing down nicotine usage when using e-cigs would help if you’re on the list above, and citing the increased use of e-cigs as nicotine replacement products, e-cigs is a relatively healthier shift when contrasted with traditional cigarettes.

Buying tips

Don’t do cheap always, as that may cause you to own an e-cig or a component that you’d not feel good about. Pay close attention to product details and generally review any product you feel strongly about before committing your cash to it.

Ways to use electronic cigarette with e liquid

It is official, electronic cigarettes are no longer underdog devices, they’re pushing mainstream and pushing hard. To do this, many variants have emerged, targeting preferences that characterize various segments of the population. Central to these variants, however, is the liquid more accurately referred to as the electronic liquid or e liquid.

The relationship between the electronic cigarette and the e liquid is epic, making the use of electronic cigarette with e liquid of utmost importance to an e-cig user. Electronic cigarettes are usually refillable, although disposable types exist that seek to replicate the conventional style of usage of traditional cigarettes.

To use the electronic cigarette with e liquid, you need to understand why most e-cigs are made to be refillable. Electronic cigarettes are made to be refillable because the source of the vapor produced during use is the liquid. The liquid is housed in the cartridge, heated in the atomizer and the vapor produced passed on to the user.

Thus, when e-cigs are made to be refillable, they are made to have cartridges that can be replaced or can be refilled with e-liquid when their store is depleted. The following ways to use electronic cigarette with e liquid highlights how to change cartridges that exhausted, replenish cartridges that are short, and tips to getting better value off your e liquid.

How to replace an electronic cigarette cartridge

There are many filled cartridges available and make for an easy way to enable new e-cig users to continue their use of electronic cigarettes. Cartridges are not like USB plugs that would work with most mobile devices irrespective of the manufacturer. Cartridges are more specific and usually the manufacturer of the e-cig is also the only manufacturer of compatible e-cig cartridges.

Methods of replacing e-cig cartridges differ among e-cigs and can go from simple un-clipping or un-screwing to good old use of a screwdriver. All the same, it’s nothing the few directions in the accompanying manual won’t help you carry out in no time.

How to replenish an electronic cigarette cartridge

This is the far more popular option. E-cig users don’t remain new forever, and sooner or later the savings from replenishing an e-cig cartridge instead of getting disposable cartridges makes economic sense.

Two methods are generally used when replenishing e-cig cartridges:

• Drip method

The method’s epithet gives a clue as to how the method works. You’d need a dripper and a quantifiable amount of e-liquid. The cartridge has to be opened up, in a way symmetrical to the configuration of the e-cig. Usually a foam-like material, will cover the opening of the cartridge and needs to be excised.

A few drops of e-liquid are placed into the cartridge using the dripper, then a few more on the cover material to be placed over the opening, before the cartridge is closed.

• Injection method

This is the favorite method of replenishing e liquid in cartridges, for two reasons: It allows an even application over the cartridge filler and allows for an easier way to transfer e liquid from its container to the cartridge.

The dripper is replaced with either a syringe or an injector to carry out this method. The methods share procedures with a few twists. The e liquid containing syringe is inserted into the cartridge filler till its tip is a tad away from the base. The e liquid is then offloaded while moving the needle slightly about to ensure even filling. Also, take care not to damage the atomizer in e-cigs with a cartomizer component.

Tips and tricks to get more value from your e liquid

One of the most elegant ways to make effective use of your electronic cigarette with e liquid is to get more value off your e liquid. The list following will set you up on what you should know.

• Be discrete about the volume of nicotine in the e liquid. High nicotine content connects with intense vapor, so keep it to a comfortable level. Going too low is not an option either as it ruins your experience. Why this matters is for economic reasons and to make astute spends.

• Take extended steady puffs as against short rapid puffs to get the most vapor volume. Doing the former leads to a more saturated atomizer that defeats the goal of optimal vapor production.

• If you are comfortable with making a custom e liquid then be aware of the properties of principal solvents, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). VG is the thicker of the two and has taste as well, valuable considerations when calculating volume amounts. Making use of both of them in an e liquid solution sounds complicated but is used more often than one would want to believe to complement their limitations.

• Refilling a draped down cartridge becomes a necessity over time. However, over- and under-filling have their downturns that should be avoided. Manufacturer instructions are there to help out when in doubt.

• The last tip shifts oars from the cartridge and its content to the atomizer. Ensuring that it functions optimally is of prime importance to getting the best value from your e liquid. This involves keeping it moist and cleaning it regularly.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes: All you should know

In all fairness, Gamucci is a veteran in the e-cig industry and deserves a handsome chunk of recognition. Self-acclaimed to have ridden the e-cig wave to Europe, they have been around for 7 years and are still kicking.

Gamucci e-cigs are not attention-grabbers anymore as they used to be, and it appears the brand has hit the plateau, or has allowed other e-cig manufacturers to ride the wave father off. Still in the UK where they set up shop first, they still remain relevant and record strong recognition.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes: Product Offerings

Diversity is MIA on the store shelves of Gamucci and it’s hard to imagine why. Presently, the e-cig industry is bullish, suggesting that any progress-hungry e-cig manufacturer would want to jump in, have a piece of the action, and carve out a sustainable market share to preserve their presence in the industry.

Having 3 starter kits, two disposable e-cig sticks, and a healthy array of refills; does not seem to be aggressive enough to support my previous assertion. Still it is far from disappointing, the silver lining here is that we have tried and tested e-cigs from a company that has stayed on for a long time.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes

Depending on how far into electronic cigarettes you want to go, the modest array of gamucci electronic cigarettes allow for a thoughtful pick to be made.

If you’re feeling like just trying out electronic cigarettes out of curiosity and have no immediate plans to explore the industry, then either of the disposable electronic cigarettes will do. They are referred to as Gamucci Disposable Original or Menthol e-cig or alternatively Gamucci Continental 500. Original and menthol account for the two flavor options supported. The cost is $7.99, so it sounds good as the price to pay to board the curiosity rover to get to the e-cig planet. Usage estimates is that it’d last for up to 500 puffs and is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.

The Gamucci electronic cigarette model on the next higher rung is the Micro USB starter kit. It costs $14.99 and has the following within its pack: One Hi-Power 240 MHz Rechargeable battery, one USB charger, and one cartomizer. Only the original flavor variant is available.
The Gamucci Micro Express Starter Kit, costs more at $24.99. It has a wall charger and one more cartomizer (in total 2 cartomizers) included in its package in addition to the content in the Micro USB starter kit. Flavoring option is limited to Original and Menthol.

The prime and moste popular Gamucci electronic cigarette is the Micro Deluxe Starter Kit. It beefs up an impressive spec sheet. The kit contains 2 rechargeable batteries; a USB charger, mains power and an adapter; a pack of 4 cartomizers plus 1 free; a carry case and a user manual. This is the starter kit with more bang for buck.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes Refills

Having just the Original and Menthol flavor options for the base package should make some faces frown, but Gamucci makes up with modest array of flavor options as refills. No e-liquid pack is made available, so it’s simply a matter of replacing a completely depleted cartomizer with one from a pack.

Refills come in packs of three and cost $7.99 which is above the competitive pricing. However, reception has been remarkable so it doesn’t seem like a waste. If you’ve shook the price off, then knowing only the Original flavor has 5 varied nicotine content values; 0%, 0.6%, 1.1%, 1.6%, 2.2%; would come off as another tough pill to swallow. Menthol has just two variants, 1.6% and 2.2%.

The other flavors available but stuck at just one option of 1.6% nicotine in 1 ml include; Apple, Coffee, Vanilla, Cherry, Grape, and Cola.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes: Final thoughts

The Gamucci store looks like it could use a boost. The outlook does not look bright at the moment, but the lack in variety does not translate to a lack in quality as the e-cigs give good enough throat hit, and function efficiently.

Electronic cigarette: The V2 brand

If you’ve schlepped across online making electronic cigarette related queries, then by all means you’d have come across a promotional piece courtesy of V2. However, a scare is usually an unfair prejudice that is associated by this extent of ubiquitous presence online. It is the goal of this article to unravel the facts in effect here, and unambiguously use the information obtained to dismiss or uphold this scare.

The V2 story

V2 cig is one of the brands supported by the firm VMR Products, along with V2 Pro and Vapor Couture. V2 was born in 2009, into a fierce industry trying to establish its root on the backdrop of a mammoth industry. It took 2 years however to get the coveted BBB accreditation with a rating A+, an achievement they’ve held on to date.

Much of its success owes to the brand being popular to online users, a trend that is sure to keep it on an upward march. Its popularity online can be linked to aggressive marketing tactics, thoughtful promotions and an impressive PR. But behind this is the real deal.

Electronic cigarette V2: The real deal

The real deal is that V2 is an esteemed brand that uses a proven network of strengths namely; people, quality, innovation, transparency and partnership to stay ahead of the competition.

Each of these strengths is on full display in the product offerings. And 4 years of their grip on the e-cig industry remains as these strengths are not looking to fade away anytime soon. New and updated product lines show improvements on all fronts further attracting more customers who are happy to do business.

Electronic cigarette V2: Products

Six expanding categories of product line-ups are available on V2. These are the starter kits, cartridges, accessories, batteries, e-liquid and disposables. All products have the premium feel and new installations in existing product lines are innovative. This comes at an affordable cost with significant perks that make the cost more worthwhile.

This is not an attempt to describe a perfect product as none of the products are, instead it is meant to highlight the progressive nature of the brand.

The Electronic cigarette V2

Being a part of six kits, the V2 e-cig is packaged in the Beginners’ Kit, Standard E-liquid Kit, Standard Kit, Standard Plus Kit, Couples Kit, and Ultimate Kit. To further target set apart groups of the population without sacrificing simplicity and quality, more control is advocated as the kits are highly customizable.

This implies that types of battery, range of colors, compositions of e-liquid nicotine, and flavoring can be altered to individual preferences. The best part is that these kits lead to considerable savings than when each part was bought separately – extending from $12.88 to $76.85.

The Electronic Cigarette V2 — Batteries

Batteries come in four different sizes that are proportional to their capacity and each could either be automatic (always on standby and working only when the owner makes a draw) or manually (offering better control). These batteries are Shorty, Standard and Long (all in the classic series); and the EX Series.

To guide buying choice, the dimensional length, wattage for automatic and manual variants and estimated number of puffs are included in the battery listings. The batteries are of the highly rated KD808D kind.

The Electronic Cigarette V2 – Nicotine content

This is measured in percentages. There are 5 levels, from the least to the highest, 0% (nicotine free e liquid), 0.6%, 0.8%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%. Each successive level offering better throat hit than the previous level.

The Electronic Cigarette V2 – E-liquid

The range of choice here further reiterates a company having a sturdy goal and understanding the role of customers in achieving it. There are 12 V2 Platinum e liquids and 6 Zig Zag e liquids. Each of these e liquid flavors can be bought in 25 or 50 ml bottles for V2 platinum juice and 60 ml bottle for Zig Zag juice.

All e-liquid packs, disposable packs and filled cartridges have a batch number that when entered into the V2 website unveils the test results of the purchase. There is also a full disclosure of the ingredients used in the manufacture of each e liquid pack sold.

Blank refillable cartridges are also available with drippers to carry out efficient dripping of e-liquid. The e-liquid in addition to the atomizer/cartomizer ensures that an outstanding quality of vapor is produced. One that resonates across different individual preferences.

The Electronic Cigarette V2 – Accessories

To further establish the V2 brand as a premium brand, non-gimmicky accessories are made available. A charging case, carry case and an adapter make up the number of electronic cigarette V2 accessories.

Electronic Cigarette V2: The Verdict

V2 is a quality oriented brand, so if your concerns center on a delighted premium electronic cigarette vaping experience, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better brand at the affordable rate. From the foregoing, it is pertinent to conclude that the scare though reasonable is unjustifiable for the following reasons:

  • Premium quality of product.
  • Great reign of choice catering to different preferences.
  • Lifetime warranty for all V2 electronic components.
  • Top e liquid quality control.
  • Full disclosure.
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee.
  • Outstanding vapor production.
  • Striking long battery runs despite quick recharges.
  • Affordable and budget friendly

But it cannot all be roses for this brand. Admittedly, flaws or cons exist, most of which are subjective and are currently being addressed by the introduction of new products or adjustment in business structure.

  • Price. It is okay to want cheaper even though the quality is obvious, and this is being addressed. The ultimate kit had a price slash leading a wake of price slashes in the horizon. Additionally, coupons exist to make products more affordable.
  • Flavor choices and quality. This is subjective, still, new flavor product add-ins attest to V2 looking into customer feedback and doing its best to deliver the ultimate e-cig puffing experience.
  • Sealed cartomizers.

Electronic Cigarette V2: The V2 Pro Series 3

This is an improvement to the V2 brand with an exciting price-to-performance ratio, the highest to date. It totes a larger battery, larger volume of e-liquid and more diversity (allowing for use with e-liquid, loose leaf and essential oils). It represents the future of the V2 brand.

Electronic Cigarettes Hazards: The whole story

Electronic cigarettes are all the rave and why not; the tobacco industry is in severe scrutiny, law suits flying like sand particles in the Arabian desert, settlement values causing eye pops, dozens of research making a bull’s-eye of the industry and what not.

Slowly the attention has caught up with e-cigs: although invented in the ‘60s, e-cigs have only begun to meet the spotlight and that explains why the attention did not come any sooner. The magnitude of the attention owes to the modern perspective of the dangers of smoking, much of which try to open up the possibility of the same old snake with a new skin.

There’s not much to prove this or otherwise, and the authorities to be listened to are saying it’s too early to draw conclusions leaving many important questions unanswered. But, the bedrock to getting answers—studies and research—have begun to bear fruit. Before we step onto the red carpet of seeing what kind of fruits hang from the e-cig tree, it’s important to note this – one view that’s been shared by all parties in this quagmire has been that e-cigs have less hazards than cigarettes, but harmful still because of the presence of nicotine in both products.

The presence of nicotine is a hazard in its own right because of the centuries old story of nicotine-addiction. But let’s be clear, nicotine is not the killer in cigarettes, its job in the cigarette stick is to make sure you light another stick when the stick you’re on becomes a stub. That’s it, it is a contributing factor, not the factor itself.

This is appreciated when we review the content of the e-cig cartridges, some e-liquids have nicotine, and some do not. So you have to pay attention to the inclusion or non-inclusion of nicotine in an e-cig liquid as well as the quantity. This would help if you’re trying to put a clip on your nicotine dependency.

That’s not it however between nicotine and e-cigarettes, as liquid nicotine is far more dangerous and possibly lethal than what is meshed in a traditional cigarette stick. Until recently, the figures have been a scare, but there have been significant cutbacks on the excesses. However, these are not enough to white out the dangers of ingesting nicotine present in e-liquids. In addition to the obvious way of nicotine ingestion in e-liquids by drinking, nicotine can also get through the skin to your circulatory system. This is troubling especially as there is little regulation to ensure that kids don’t accidentally ingest them.

Nicotine is not the only drawback of the use of e-cigs, the fact that toxins are likely present in the aerosol produced by an electronic cigarette is also an hazard. Although, the toxins are far fewer than the hundreds found in conventional cigarettes, and are also in trace quantities; no one knows how much is too little to cause considerable harm and if on a nano-scale these toxins interact differently causing more or less health concerns.

The open fact is that the use of e-cig would not color teeth, the lips, corrode the airways as much as a cigarette or bland the taste buds; but a puff of e-cig vapor is not exactly at par in constituents with fresh air as we know it. That raises health concerns and is a hazard to be noted.

The last electronic cigarette hazard discussed points to the next. Since the electronic cigarette industry is unregulated at the moment, there is no uniform number of compounds in the aerosol produced nor is the volumetric amount of each component uniform across aerosol produced by different brands. Heck, the temperature level at which the liquid is vaporized affects the constituents of the vapor. If anything, these are a lot of variables.

But what makes this discovery unsettling is that here we have different brands mixing in a lot of different substances at various levels without having composite knowledge of how these substances affect the body. It is worse off, when regulatory tests detect compounds the manufacturer failed to stipulate in the pack or ingredients list.

This is a worrisome hazard, probably more worrisome than the others, but can sufficiently be reduced by going with a reputable brand. Cheap run-of-the-mill imported brands might be more precarious than you think. Reputable brands are more likely to support research into the substances used, including specifics into the quantity used, what fraction of it gets into the vapor and the possible health effects of the compounds. This information will thus guide their manufacture of e-cigs.

In conclusion, results will continue to emerge in the coming years and links will be made: health concerns for non-smokers taking up e-cigs will be revealed and these will shape the future of the electronic cigarette industry. However, most of the existing electronic cigarette hazards can be made less stiffening, it is your job to make that happen. Keeping e-cigs and accessories away from the reach of children, keeping yourself abreast of recent changes in the industry especially as regards your preferred e-cig brand, and doing well to find verifiable stats will help.

The roles of e liquid in an electronic cigarette

Depending on how you view the makeup of an electronic cigarette, the e liquid may just be one of the vital components, or the one component whose value predates the electronic cigarette itself. The e liquid and the electronic cigarette are co-dependent, meaning on their own they’re just about like any other mundane liquid mixture or fancy toy, but together they make for a device with endearing qualities.

In our quest to pick apart the roles of the e liquid within an electronic cigarette, we have to start off on knowing a little about both components.

The electronic cigarette

The e liquid may arguably be as important as the electronic cigarette, but technically it is not a functional part of the electronic cigarette. The e-cig has 3 basic parts, the atomizer, the cartridge and the battery. Sometimes, the atomizer and cartridge functions are thrown up by a single component called the cartomizer.

The e liquid

Also referred to as e-liquid, e-juice, juice or just liquid; it is contained in either the cartridge or the cartomizer. Basically, it is a mix of varying amounts of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavorings. However, you will need to refill e-liquid every now and then.

Roles of e liquid electronic cigarette

The intent behind the manufacture of an e-cig is to function as a more convenient cigarette that has electronic support, essential to current lifestyles. The e-cig steps on this plate by using principles, that’d be properly understood by a junior high school student, to produce vapor or aerosol that replicates the smoke that’s produced by conventional cigarettes especially in feel and quality.

The e-liquid henceforth referred to as e liquid electronic cigarette functions in this setup as the analogue of the meshed tobacco leafs in the conventional cigarette. Here, instead of being burnt, the e-liquid electronic cigarette is vaporized. The principle is simple, the battery powers the atomizer which draws in a preset amount of e liquid electronic cigarette from the cartridge that is heated to produce vapor to be inhaled.

When the singular component cartomizer is in use, there is a slight modification to this principle, not in the line of events but in the relationship between components. The content mug shot of the e liquid electronic cigarette is just one of other factors that influence the quality of the vapor produced.

The principal content is nicotine. If present, the amount of nicotine influences the throat hit significantly than vapor production. The higher the volumetric ratio of nicotine in the e liquid electronic cigarette, the harsher the vapor feels on your respiratory passages. Besides the nicotine content; the electric resistance of the heating element (coil in the atomizer); air flow in the atomizer; voltage output of the e-cig and efficiency of the wick (wicking element that funnels e-liquid from the cartridge to the atomizer); are other factors that influence the quality of vapor produced.

The e liquid e-cig is also influential in providing e-cig users versatility and more control over the kind of aerosol they receive and what it constitutes. It does so by allowing a variety of compounds (including the basic compounds) to be strewn in, in varying quantities. Thus, you could change the flavor of the aerosol produce to say menthol or coffee and mix in a preferred amount of other basic ingredients. This is possible via packs containing the basic ingredients separately allowing the user to make a custom e liquid electronic cigarette. A note of warning is in line as the ingredients are toxic, and should be handled with care. If it sounds like too much to handle, disposable cartridges containing e-liquid can be used. The tradeoff is that, you often are not aware of the substances used and in what proportions.

The roles of e liquid in an electronic cigarette are very important. A firm understanding of these roles will lead to more efficient use of an electronic cigarette, and enlighten a user as to the concerns surrounding the use of e liquids.

Wicked electronic cigarettes

The Totally Wicked brand has leveraged its presence with those of other reputable brands to push its relevance, going as far as listing products from these reputable brands. Apart from wicked electronic cigarettes, Totally Wicked has renowned industry presence in the e-liquid niche.

Totally Wicked’s arrangement with partners having listings on their store have leveraged their lack of product diversity to produce an engaging array of options. Truth be told though, it does prove a bit startling at first as there is a breach in consistency. However, that’s all there is to the drawbacks.

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

There are not a lot of options as regards starter kits from totally wicked. Current selection is just two, a Mag-Oid kit with two Patriot range e-liquid packs; and a Totally Wicked disposable electronic cigarette. With costs at $29.99 and $6.99 respectively, the price points are exciting.

The variety is improved by the additions of products from Tornado, Titan, Go and Soft bodied luxury brands. The price points are identical although there is noticeable difference.

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Advanced Kits

In this category, Odyssey and Joyetech are the notable brands that join the party, with Totally Wicked sporting the same electronic cigarette starter kits. It is immediately clear that Totally Wicked as a brand is more inclined towards the e-liquid side of the industry than electronic cigarettes mainly.

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid

The Patriot range accounts for one of the most extensive product lines in the industry and Totally Wicked can rightly be adjudged as an authority in the e-liquid sub-industry. Although facing intense competition from brands like V2 cigs and Green Smoke, there is still much going for Totally Wicked to guarantee it a top spot.

Safe the Patriot range product line, Totally Wicked also has industry premium contenders in the:

• Red label,
• Herbal,
• Titan Fluid,
• Original e-liquid product lines

Users are spoilt for choice with different nicotine strengths on each flavor except the herbal flavor line. To make products affordable, several packages are tailored at varying price points to cater to different budget sizes. The trend maintained is that savings increase with larger packages.

Understanding the need to support more flexibility by empowering power users with the tools to make custom e-liquid according to their preferences, Totally Wicked introduced the Titanium and Platinum mixing kits at attractive price points. Introductions and manufacturer notes to guide knowledgeable use of the e-liquid ingredients are available on the company’s website. Ingredients are also marketed individually and various accessories are also available.

Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Save production of e-cigs and e-liquids, Totally Wicked makes available specialized accessories from partner brands. These specialized accessories include; variable voltage devices and RCS (replacement coil system) tanks & atomizers. These accessories can be obtained directly through Totally Wicked’s official e-store front.

Totally Wicked appears to be committed to providing quality electronic cigarette devices and cigarettes at an affordable rate. That would explain the weekly offers on-site day in and out. Although offering more devices in new product lines will expand their specific brand’s reach and perceived relevance in the industry, it does seem that they are doing well with their current arrangement and expect better outings in the e-liquid sphere.

Benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

Contrasted with conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes firmly rise on top as the safer of the two. But that hasn’t spared e-cigs the wanton attention that is often meted out on regular cigarettes. Compared to the $87b conventional cigarette industry, the $3b electronic cigarette industry is a bud. But with current forecasts tipping the e-cig industry to eclipse the cigarette industry within a decade, it is imperative that there is something behind the curtains spurring growth.

The advantageous and disparaging effects of smoking electronic cigarettes at the moment are not firmly rooted on scientific and/or statistical evidence. Fewer than 100 studies have been conducted thus far, and concrete conclusions would not emerge till about two decades from now. In the meantime however, there are theories that are supported by already known facts that’d lend credence to beneficial effects of smoking electronic cigarettes that wouldn’t be realized from the use of conventional cigarettes.

These would be categorized into health, economic, social, and environmental benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes.

Health benefits of electronic cigarettes

• No toxins

Though current findings do not rule out the presence of certain chemicals in e-cigs. The magnitude of these in e-cigs pale in comparison to that in conventional cigarettes. In the latter, there are over 7000 distinct chemical substances of which 43 are known carcinogens. This mind-boggling number is attributed to the burning of cigarettes. Because e-cigs do not release smoke, the quantity of chemical substances is greatly reduced and more harmful toxins if present are in trace quantities.

• Improved circulation

E-cigarettes do not produce carbon monoxide which impedes efficient circulation in the body by reducing the amount of oxygen your blood cells can carry.

• Facilitates smoking withdrawals

Although there has not been enough in form of evidence to rest this assumption, there are multitude of reports of smokers becoming less addicted to smoking and aiding cessation. This is supported by a growing number of physicians recommending its use for the reasons stated above.

• Other health benefits

E-cigs produce less irritants to the respiratory surface in the body, thereby leading to less incidence of smokers’ cough and discomfort. Taste is also improved as substances implicated in the link between smoking cigarettes and less-sensitive taste buds are not present in electronic cigarettes.

Economic benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

• Spend less

Quality cigarette packs cost upwards of $10 in the US, with 293 billion cigarettes purchased in the US in 2011. A modest outlook of savings put estimated cost of replacement cartridges at $600, which is 40% less than the $1000 annual expenses of a pack-a-day cigarette routine. Also, because you only deplete e-liquid when you puff, a cartridge can be used longer than a cigarette pack as breaks when smoking sticks is less likely to occur.

• Insurance

Save on insurance packages when you acknowledge that you do not use conventional cigarettes. This is because life insurance premiums are higher for cigarette users due to the higher risk of health complications.

• Other economic benefits

Cigarette use constitute a huge part of the more than $156 billion of lost productivity that has to be parried annually by the US. E-cigs help remedies this deficit by helping users lead more productive lives. Considerable savings are also made with the use of e-cigs as cigarette accessories like lighters and ash-trays are not needed.

Social benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

• No smell

A significant percentage of the population detest cigarette smoke, and societal pressures kick against its association with acceptable life patterns. E-cigs produce an odorless mist that doesn’t leave an acrid smell.

• Less restrictions

E-cig use is permitted in most public spaces where conventional cigarettes are not allowed. Thus, you’re able to vape on the go without usage limitations.

• No ash

Ash leaves a tandem of deprecate waste and an eye-sore smear, which has to be taken care of often. Electronic cigarettes do not leave ash after their use and contributes to a more pristine lifestyle.

• Other social benefits

In the US, 88 million nonsmokers had secondhand smoke exposures in 2007-2008. Making this number is 53.6% of young children aged 3–11. Adult nonsmokers with exposures would have increase heart disease risk of 25-30% and lung cancer risk of 20-30%. E-cigarettes pose lower health risks as the vapor blown out is less toxic.

Environmental benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes

• No risks of fire

Smoking can easily pass on from burning a cigarette stick to burning a house. Smoking is the leading cause of fire incidents in many countries in the world including the US. And causes 30% of fire death burdens in the US. The effects of smoking caused by fire incidents eclipse environmental to health and social impact. All of this is prevented as there’s no risk of fire when using electronic cigarettes.

• Less waste

Many e-cigs have refillable cartridges and rechargeable batteries that allow prolonged use. Use can extend to years and most parts can be recycled for re-use. Thus, electronic cigarettes are environmental friendly in their use.

Final thoughts

The list above is not exhaustive of the varied benefits of using e-cigs and as more research data emerge, outrageous myth of the dangers of e-cigs will be dismissed. This will come at a time when better understanding of its roles in smoking cessation and withdrawals materialize. A very recent study by an international team of leading tobacco researchers have advocated that the benefits of using electronic cigarettes may outweigh risks as ascribed by current evidence. This comes as the FDA agrees that e-cig use is certainly healthier than the use of conventional cigarettes.

For what it’s worth though, it is important to dispel the syntax use of smoking in relation to electronic cigarettes, in preference of vaping. This owes to the production of vapor/aerosol/mist/cloud of substances from e-cigs as against smoke produced from conventional cigarettes.

Top 10 Electronic Cigarette Brands 2014

No kidding, when electronic cigarettes were just fancy new gadgets gaining a loose followership, the brands really didn’t get us all worked up, as long as the e-cig they manufactured produced a white cloud instead of smoke, looked great, and had a good enough battery.

That time is now at least seven years back, and with the years counting by did brands pop up like cheerios from a suddenly compressed pack. Sifting through the avalanche of brands thus became of essence if one wanted a quality product.

The e-cig brand war is fierce, and why wouldn’t it? Annual sales in the US alone has crossed $1.5b and global computations stand at $3b. But as it’s said, certain companies are described as the best because there are so many others that choose to be terrible at delivering services.

Our top 10 list stacks up the giants in the industry, it was dicey staking out positions to each brand, and for what it’s worth getting into the top 10 in an industry of at least 1000 brands in the US alone is an impressive feat. Much of the talk, let’s dig in!

1. V2

Why do we love V2 cigs? Everything about it. From the premium build to the long lasting battery, terrific vapor production, myriad of choices, quality control, affordability, stellar history in customer relations; you’ve got it all covered with V2 cigs.

There is a starter kit styled as the Beginners’ kit that goes for under $30. There are 5 more advanced kits that are higher in cost and offer more versatility. As such, there is a quality device and component at any budget point.

The release of the V2 Pro Series 3 electronic cigarette and announcement of future release of the series 7 and series 9 cemented V2’s position at the pinnacle of the industry for now and establishes them as favorites for the next couple of years.

2. Vaporfi (VaporZone)

What you think about the rebranding has little to do with the top quality that the industry ascribes to the Vaporfi brand. Vaporfi is not just an industry leader, it is a standard, one that other e-cig brands have to match up if they want to be taken seriously.

Having 6 well thought out e-cig kits means you can save yourself from the bludgeoning effect of too many overlapping choices. These are from the diminutive to the power electronic cigarettes. Everyone is catered for.

But where Vaporfi’s quality is bespoken is in its e-liquids. Manufactured in the US with top-of-the-range quality control, what you get are more flavors than you can shake a stick at, with tons of reviews of how they taste right. There are also blending options, meaning you can replicate high school chemistry class type mixings to get custom-made e-liquid that’s tailored for YOU alone!

3. Green smoke

Save the price bashing for those who’d trade quality for cheap, Green Smoke is this high up because they’re a premium brand. And what’s more they’ve revamped their product lines and driven price down; pushing up their acceptance ratings.

Green Smoke is a revolutionary, giving us a piece of the action in 2008 with their brilliant two piece design. Over the years, the brand has been synonymous with great vapor in the industry. You can’t get any better on this count, V2 is a rival not a better option.

The choices in kits are discrete, and flavors are just as good as any other in the premium segment of the industry. And the build of the e-cigs are terrific from the inside out, how else do you explain the great vapor production coupled with low maintenance and spiking sales?

4. South Beach Smoke

If you’re looking for industry experience, look no further. They’ve witnessed it all, the exciting part where celebs vape your products, the plateau when things seem to be stagnant, and the U-turn when some new kid in the block brings something wow-y and everyone is jumping ship. But you know what, they’re still standing tall.

Why? Because they’ve put their experience to good use. We’re talking quality e-cigs, nice flavor collection, brainy marketing in forms of promotions and rebates, outstanding battery life and some tech advancement—LED monitors, charging cases.

5. Halo

Putting one before the other between Halo and South Beach Smoke wasn’t easy because for a while, Halo just seemed like a brand deserving of the 4th spot. And we’d tell you why.

The design of their products are simply breathtaking, not just blindly but effective: none is sacrificed for the other. Talking about effective, the Titron series are a definition of the word. You want better battery life then you have every reason to pick them up.

The G6 kits are great kits and operability is a charm as well as maintenance. With Halo, ease of use is like a watch-word.

6. Apollo

Apollo have paid their dues and are been rewarded with rising ranks. If you want to make a switch to a brand that has the ambition, then this is your pick. Their e-cigs are great, so is their e-liquid selection. Accessories are available and they don’t turn down the dial on the quality of these as well.

Pricing is eye-opening and for the power users, you’d feel right at home with this brand as they’ve pooled in a lot of resources to keep you satisfied. All round, Apollo has this thing going for them where they’re slowly pushing up the ranks.

With multiple improvements coming in within the shortest time possible, we could see them clinching a higher spot in the future.

7. White Cloud Cigarettes

Here’s an e-cig brand that’s going nowhere further down in rankings, they’ve hovered in the industry elite league since inception and are doing their best to keep up with the changing plane.

This is via revamping their line-up, making their products more affordable and providing more flexibility. White Cloud cigarettes have upheld premium status for a long time now, and seeing that they are not ready to relinquish their spot on the big boys’ porch, you can be rest assured that you’d be getting better products not quack products as they drive costs down.

8. Eversmoke

If you’re thinking why eversmoke is not higher up in the rankings, the rigid competition is your answer. Having two sister companies in the list is not helping its ratings either (Vaporfi and South Beach Smoke). But eversmoke is not kidding around in the premium line.

Ratings and multiple positive reviews are the indicators to cement their status. Looking deeper, it’s the quality of their products especially their e-cigs that is being sold as a prime reason to make the switch to their brand. We couldn’t agree more, and there’s no dispute worthy of your attention.

9. Bull Smoke

Quality and cheap are not the best of buddies, but this brand makes a rare point that they can get along just fine. They tote electronic cigarettes with the lowest price points amongst brands in this list and the quality is just spectacular.

The kit choices they offer are not trump cards in terms of diversity—essentially one kit in two variants—but wait till you see what’s being offered. An AC adapter and a USB charger, ten cartridges, and two batteries for about $30. You wouldn’t get that anywhere, not with the kind of quality of the products in the kit.

They’re after the budget-conscious crowd, and on a list for this crowd, Bull Smoke will come on top. If you’re in this horde either by choice or necessity then bull smoke is your choice.

10. SmokeTip

Smoketip is not the worst of the Top 10 electronic cigarette brands, it’s the breakout brand that fought off other well-known brands to make the list. Smoketip knows us really well, we don’t like things complicated and they capitalized on that.

You have just two kit choices, Smoke Tip and Smoke Tank, that’s keeping things real. Then more choices are offered in their cartridge and flavor selections to cater to different preferences.

Thus, you get top quality products because they’ve had a lot of time and thought put into them. If you like the idea behind the brand, then you wouldn’t be disappointed by what you get when you make a purchase.

That’s it! We’ve gone through the top 10 electronic cigarette brands of the year. These are the cream of the crop and each are unique in their offerings and ideology, so it’s easy to identify with one that’d work for you.