White Cloud Cigarettes Review

E-Cig Review:  White Cloud Cigarettes

White Cloud Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are the recent craze in a world trying to steer most people away from smoking. With public place bans, rising prices, and more health risks being discovered the market is poised for a change. In the mid 2000’s that change came in the form of smoking replacements that gave the smoker the feel and flavor of their habit, but without all the risks.

These technology and cost of E-Cigarettes has improved over the past couple of years. This also means that there are more brands competing for your cash. If you are a new convert to the electronic age of smoking getting a good smoking experience at a nice price is tough. White Cloud Cigarettes says that they are the best bet for the price. Are they telling the truth?


White Cloud Cigarettes bring to the proverbial table a design that offers a long lasting smoking experience. It has a quick-charging lithium polymer battery that boasts unmatched charging time. Also, the variety of flavors they offer are nothing to scoff at. The one piece cartomizer design offers a long shelf life, leak resistance, more fluid capacity, and can be removed from the battery at anytime.


White Cloud produce a smaller amount of vapor than other brands in its class, but the nicotine hit does not suffer at all. The cartomizer design is a tad more expensive than the other design choices. These small issues keep the product from being perfect, but don’t hinder the experience whatsoever.

White Cloud Cirrus 3

The White Cloud Cigarettes Verdict:

In the world of E-Cigarettes getting a high quality premium system is expensive. White Cloud has managed to produce a premium product at a good price point. They have managed to get their prices down over several reductions. They have managed to do this all while improving upon the existing technology of E-Cigarettes. Bring to the table the longest lasting, fastest charging lithium batteries, and nicotine cartridges on the market. The only real shortcoming is the issue of less vapor production and even that is negligible.

Many other brands make these claims, but rarely live up to them. Whether it is barely noticeable increases in battery life or slightly longer shelf life of the nicotine cartridges. They seem to fall short in the end. White Cloud really delivers with their claims a single nicotine cartridge lasting as long as two packs of normal cigarettes. Even with such a long lasting cartridge the battery does not disappoint by being able to go the distance another 20-50 puffs after the cartridge was gone before a recharge was needed.

White Cloud Fling

The charge time for the battery is only 60 minutes for the basic starter kit. This is exceptionally low compared to the other premium brands in the same class. The company even goes so far as to offer a warranty plan for their products. You can extend the warranty for $20 at the time of purchasing your starter kit or $30 afterwards. This gets you an extra 2 years added to your warranty with a bonus of a free battery exchange program membership during the second year. Get a White Cloud Cigarette today!