Green Smoke E Cig Review

Green Smoke E-Cigarette Review – Is It Any Good?

There are many e cigarettes on the market nowadays. Although this is good for buyers because it offers a lot of choice, it can become confusing. That is why you need to do your own research first to work out what each brand offers to determine if it is right for you.

Today we are going to look at Green Smoke e cigarettes. What makes them different is that they offer seven different flavors to choose from. For the traditionalists out there you can opt for the authentic taste of tobacco known as ‘Absolute Tobacco Flavor’.absolute tobacco

Another popular flavor that you can try is ‘menthol ice.’ It is for those who prefer a refreshing experience. Also, ‘mocha mist’ combines the heady flavors of finely roasted coffee with a hint of chocolate. There are other unique flavors to choose from and they are bound to suit any craving or preference.

These e cigarettes come highly recommended in terms of their flavors. They are highly robust and naturally long lasting. If you want an authentic taste then this is the brand to go for.

An additional benefit of the Green Smoke e cigarettes is that you can choose the concentration of nicotine that you would prefer. This is something that you can not do with traditional cigarettes. It is also an innovative and effective way for smokers to wean themselves off nicotine completely.

The ‘strong’ variety has a nicotine level of 2.4%, it then goes down the scale to a ‘zero’ level that contains no nicotine whatsoever. This is a good choice for those who enjoy the physical act of smoking but who don’t want to remain nicotine dependent.

In terms of style and structure, the Green Smoke e cigarette is extremely versatile and easy to use. It is durable and made to last. It looks close to the real thing, so smoking it in public won’t be a self-conscious experience.

It is sophisticated in its design and takes no time at all to put together. The battery will already be charged, so all you have to do it attach the battery to the main body of the e cigarette and you are ready to go. After a few puffs a white vapor will be released. The positive aspect of this is that it is suit free, will not leave a pungent smokey smell behind and it does not contain tar and carcinogens like conventional cigarettes.

So what do you get with the Green Smoke e cigarette?

It consists of two FlavorMax Cartomizer five packs as well as a USB powered electronic cigarette rechargeable battery. Further contents comprise of a membership card, USB charger, instruction manual, DC car adapter and AC wall adapter.Green Smoke Kit

In conclusion, the Green Smoke e cigarette offers you the best in electronic cigarette design. You have loads of choice with regards to nicotine strength and flavor, so you can literally customize your experience to suit your own personal needs. Why not try the flavors out for yourself? It is a leading brand that has quickly established itself as a key player in its field. Give it a test run to find out why. Visiting the official website at the link above will give you an automatic 10% off your order, no coupon code necessary, enjoy!